Mark Bagley returns to USM. Yay or nay?

Do you like Mark Bagley returning to draw USM?

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Starting in March, Mark Bagley returns as the penciler to Ultimate Spider-Man once again after previously drawing the title with Brian Michael Bendis for over 100 issues.

Good thing? Bad thing? WHO WILL LIVE AND DIE IN THIS..... wait, no. That's a whole different story.

Or is it....?


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I don't read Ultimate Spider-Man anymore and Mark Bagley isn't going to change that.

Joe Kalicki

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Shrug. I'm with Proj.

He was perfectly fine when he was on the series, but since Immonen completely blew him away anything less than that on the book looks like garbage.

Captain Canuck

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Bagley was my favourite of the USM artists. I think his art got lazy as time went by, but he's still the best USM artist in my opinion.


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Mark Bagley couldn't draw a consistent face if his life depended on it.

I still read it - it's pretty good if you can excuse the stupid general plot of Aunt May babysitting a bunch of teeey-bopper superheroes.

J. Agamemnon

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Yeah there were times where Gwen looked real young and I'm recalling a specfic panel during the clone saga where she looked like that woman from Seinfeld. The one who looks different under the dim lights. She looked like an addict.


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ProjectX2 said:
I don't read Ultimate Spider-Man anymore and Mark Bagley isn't going to change that.

Personally, I think Mark Bagley is the best artist for Ultimate Spider-Man. I'd say he's the best Spider-Man artist in general, but then there's John Romita Jr.

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