ultimate spider-man

  1. wyokid

    Spider-Men (Mini-series)

  2. T

    What villains should Miles Morales face?

    What villains should Miles Morales face? Spider-Man's rogues gallery, other established Marvel villains or some completely new villains?
  3. the watcher

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man/Miles Morales Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Anyone read the new issue yet?? Anyways, not a bad start. Kind of annoyed that Bendis just copyed the dialog from the first Ultimate Spider-Man on the first page. It's interesting that he made Miles' Uncle the Prowler. What did you guys think?
  4. Ice

    Mark Bagley returns to USM. Yay or nay?

    Starting in March, Mark Bagley returns as the penciler to Ultimate Spider-Man once again after previously drawing the title with Brian Michael Bendis for over 100 issues. Good thing? Bad thing? WHO WILL LIVE AND DIE IN THIS..... wait, no. That's a whole different story. Or is it....?
  5. Ice

    Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series

    Coming to Disney XD in 2011. The first big news story to emerge out of the worldwide, TV-focused media conclave that is MIPTV is that Marvel Entertainment has greenlit a new Spider-Man animated series, which will be known, in a reference to the popular modernized chronicle of Spider-Man’s...
  6. Ice

    Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (discussion/spoilers)

    So Peter's still Spider-Man. Issue starts out "6 months later" and Peter's works for Burger Frog. I'm sure Bendis loved writing that scene. :lol: At night after Peter comes from visiting the almost robbed store stopped by The Shroud, Gwen's waiting for him and they kiss! Huh? What happened...
  7. Ice

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem (Spoilers)

    Two-issue story coming in May In the current “Ultimatum” mini-series, the citizens of Marvel Comics' Ultimate Universe are experiencing perhaps the worst tragedies they've ever endured, as Magneto uses his powers to effect cataclysmic climatic change in the weather across the globe. The thing...
  8. T

    Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon

    What has a better take on a modernized Spider-Man mythos, Ultimate Spider-Man or the specular spider-man cartoon? Which one does a better job of handling Spidey his supporting cast, his villains, etc.
  9. Sacred&Profane

    Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 Discussion/Spoilers

    I actually enjoyed this. The issue starts with the preview pages- MJ says something to Peter, suddenly they're not talking, and Peter chases down a remote controlled vehicle. The next day, MJ sits with Peter and explains that Jessica Jones (head of the newspaper at the school) wants to...
  10. -beardoms-

    Ultimate Spider-Woman Returns

    Finally! I was a big fan of ultimate spider-woman, i would like to see an ultimate spider-woman mini-series, or she should become a member of the ultimates. thoughts.