Mark Millar drunk on TV


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So hilarious, it deserves it's own thread...

Someone on MW uploaded it, so I thought I'd post. The old guy keeps butting in when Millar's talking. :lol:

There's also this:



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I assume Millar was only asked those two questions due to his inebriated state and comment about $150 buying a lot of beer in 1938. Uptight Brits.


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MaxwellSmart said:
Not that I'm complaining, but why are we allow to swear in pictures but not in text posts?
No one is. That actually should be cencored out, or just be left as a link.


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ultimatedjf said:
And yet, many swear-filled images have been awarded PotD. :roll:

Remember who gets the last decision. :roll:

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Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
Victor Von Doom said:
He didn't seem drunk to me. :?

It's the joke going on over at Millarworld. Mark's plane got delayed so he got stuck in an airport, drinking a lot of beer.


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What that sounds soooooo not interesting. I don't think he was drunk and if he was, he wasn't drunk enough to look like a fool. The guy in the purple was friggin' annoying. I hate know-it-alls.


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TheManWithoutFear said:
Sure when Mark Millar + Drunk = Funny. MWoF + Drunk + Obnoxious.

Double Standards.
But see, there you go. You added the obnoxious (though it equals to it, too). :wink:

Besides, Millar doesn't come on here and acts like a crazy poster. :p

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