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    Supercrooks (Millar / Yu) (spoilers)

    On one hand... 1) Plot-wise, this seems reminiscent of Wanted 2) Millar's latest few books have ranged from embarrassingly bad to flatly uninteresting On the other hand... 1) The first issue was not too bad at all So I don't know. The endings of Superior and Nemesis (shudder) were so bad and...
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    Jupiter's Children by Mark Millar & Frank Quitely

    From CBR: Not sure what I think about this. On one hand, I really have no idea what I just read. And Mark Millar is one of the most polarizing writers in comics. On the other hand...Frank Quitely. Man, I loves me some Frank Quitely.
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    Superman: Red Son discussion (spoilers)

    Just read this for the first time and was really impressed. It is probably the least Millar-y Millar comic I've ever read. The concept is cool enough but I liked some of the little things - like the US wondering what might have been if he had just crash landed 12 hours later. Heh. The Superman...
  4. Ice

    Superior (Millar/Yu) discussion [spoilers]

    New creator owned book. Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu have announced "Superior," a new, creator-owned project that will be hitting stores in October 2010.
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    Millar and McNiven's Nemesis

    ....going to be revealed on Oct. 30th. :D
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    Ultimate Comics Avengers (Discussion & Spoilers)

    So it all begins with Fury and Hawkeye talking in front of the Triskelion, as Hawkeye gives Fury word about helping capture a rogue Captain America. He found out about the Red Skull. The rest of the issue is a flash back telling what happened, which was a day earlier. It's just Hawkeye and...
  7. ProjectX2

    Should Millar/Hitch have taken over Astonishing X-Men?

    Before they were going to do a run on Fantastic Four, Millar was originally going to revamp the X-Men with Hitch and some other artists. According to Hitch, the two are still talking about doing it when they've got some free time in their schedule. Let's imagine that they originally take over...
  8. ProjectX2

    Ultimate Comics Avengers #1 preview

    Maybe this will get some of you excited...
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    A contest to meet Mark Millar.

    Held by Newsarama. Click the link. Sign up. Contest ends Dec. 19th.
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    10 (& more) things about Mark Millar.

    LitG: While Mark Millar is revelling in the humungously successful "Wanted" (first reviewed here), it's worth giving any news agencies reading some insight in to the mind behind the original comic. 1) Mark Millar attacks foxes in his garden in the early hours, using a remote controlled...
  11. Grocer Man

    Marvel 1985 (Spoilers!)

    Made a new thread because the other one explicity said "pre-discussion." A bit slow, but I like the idea of seeing the villains everywhere. (Incidentally, I had a substitute gym teacher named Mr. Osborn in 1st grade. I remember being afraid he'd switch the dodgeballs with pumpkin bombs.)
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    War Heroes: The Spiritual Successor to Ultimates

    See Mark Millars latest project, which he describes as a spiritual successor to Ultimates: Note to mods: this is probably in the wrong place.
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    Kick-Ass movie discussion (Spoilers!) A little early possibly?
  14. ProjectX2

    Kick-Ass series discussion (Millar/Romita Jr.) (spoilers)
  15. Ice

    Fantastic Four #554-569 (Millar/Hitch) discussion (Spoilers!) Brought to you by Newsarama! It may be the one of the most anticipated new projects from a creative grouping since the Police reunited for their new concert tour, or Ben & Jerry created Chocolate Chop Cookie Dough... The...
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    Mark Millar Documentary.

    View it here.
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    Morrison & Millar's evil Xavier.

    From Comic Book Urban Legends #75:
  18. ProjectX2

    Wanted They've got Wesley, and he's going to be that faun guy from Narnia. I'm looking forward to this movie.
  19. ProjectX2

    Millar Revamps DC Universe

    Please, DC, get Millar to do this. Morrison's already there laying the ground work, and this would make DC even more awesome.
  20. ProjectX2

    Mark Millar drunk on TV

    So hilarious, it deserves it's own thread... Someone on MW uploaded it, so I thought I'd post. The old guy keeps butting in when Millar's talking. :lol...