Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (Part 2)

The sub is set to private - is anyone on the inside? I kinda wanna know what the vibe is in there
The sub is set to private - is anyone on the inside? I kinda wanna know what the vibe is in there
I'm not inside but I've been talking around with people who know a friend of a friend type shit so hardly offical. Take this as you will but the mods are looking to get back up eventually, as long as there are people willing to handle it and the possible legal ramifications that could come with that. Seems like we'll just have to wait and see.
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If anyone is interested this has just started up, might be the new site, might just be a quick place while something bigger revitalizes itself. Either way for those of you who like scoops its something
I don't think we have to worry. It wasn't just any old leak they're going after, it was the leak of the entire script for Quantumania. If the leaks they shared there were fine before I'm 100% possitive Disney doesn't care about the miniscule leaks this place discusses. I mean they can't take any legal action for discussing things or sharing articles and posts. Let's not over react to this, we'll be fine and MSS will relaunch eventually.
Reddit has already told Marvel that due to the character count (I did not know there was one on reddit), that the pages were on a google doc and the sub was linked to the doc. So Marvel is now going after Google instead.
March 15 2020. We'll see what happened after snap :).


EDIT: False alarm. People say that sign is there for years and has nothing to do with DD.
It's funny how far people are reaching due to a sign that is now confirmed to have nothing to do with the actual production. There's been a number of clickbait articles on how Daredevil is confirmed to cover the blip or that Karen and Foggy's absence was going to be explained as them having blipped. It reminds me of similar articles and speculation about Shang-Chi set photos having a 2020 date (even though that was when the movie was filming) and people saying the movie must take place during the blip.
Is Gravik (the main Skrull baddie) supposed to be based on this guy but under a different name (it happens)?:

It very well could be, the powers seems different I think but I mean we may not have seen it all in that one trailer. Too early to tell I think but it's possible, I'd like to see Paibok in the MCU sometime regardless
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To everyone who tried to tell me the MCU was a "separate multiverse" or that it was Earth-616, even though the number it was assigned was completely unrelated to the Captain Britain Corps:

Toldja so. :p
Well according to Into the Spider-Verse Peter B. Parker is from Earth-616 so are you saying that he's the same Spider-Man from the comics? Same with Miles, Gwen, etc.

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