Marvel Cinematic Universe - Timeline (Part 3)

i'm thinking that layla left egypt ten years ago (2015) and marc killed her father and became moon knight in 2022, marrying her soon after until khonshu decides to user her instead when marc leaves
Noticed a typo on February in Captain America: Brave New World's new release date.

You should also format the Spider-Man 4 and X-Men titles in the same way as the other titles in the timeline and the viewing order. Spider-Man is crimson, and I would suggest X-Men to be yellow.

Since Loki Season 2 has finished airing, don't forget to remove the asterisks in the viewing order.
Actually, Kamala is an Inhuman/Mutant hybrid in Earth-616 now. It's possible that she's literally just a Mutant with Inhuman heritage and never went through Terragenesis, thus her never having her original powers in the MCU.

So, say Kamala jumped into a vat of contaminated fish oil...
Hopefully the latter, but canonically S.A.B.E.R. believes she's an Inhuman either way.
1.) The MCU doesn't know about mutants yet so assuming she's "Inhuman" is their logical conclusion.

2.) Technically, the Kree did try to replicate this more elusive X-gene in the source material, leading to them creating Inhumans a la Hive, but on a more unstable level compared to the X-gene.

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