previews Ultimate Fantastic Four #37.


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Jul 24, 2004
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Over at, they preview two pages from Ultimate Fantastic Four #37 (Mike Carey & Pasqual Ferry). The pages are in black and white. Also shown are more Thanos character sketches, among others, and even X-Men preview pages as well.

The pages:

Ultimate Fantastic Four #37 Page 1:


Ultimate Fantastic Four #37 Page 4:

THANOS! i dont read UFF but is this the first we have really seen of thanos yet? if there is some backstory for ultimate thanos id appreciate someone giving me the low-down
All we know is there a planet dedicated to him, and the UFF are stuck on it. They are in over there heads, and they know it. The first we saw of Thanos was him possesing various officers of his own, and now he's possesed Thing, though I think his true target is Reed, for his brain.
It's great that while Thanos was reinvented, he still closely homages the original's obsession with Death. Brilliant. I wasn't enjoying the first few issues, but since last ish, God War is starting to finally pick up.

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