's top ten Ultimate characters list

Reading this top ten list upset me...I don't think MJ is anything special...they include shadow cat but not wolverine? Heck I think Ultimate Hulk is ten times cooler than either SC or Wolvie

Seeing as Iron Man is very differant fro, his 616 counterpart, i agree with his inclusion.

Fury could be higher, and Cap could be lower). Spidey I like at 1, hes the only reason this all started/only reason many keep reading UU.
Okay, who would you put on a top ten list of Ultimate characters?

Honorable Mention - Spider-Woman (Only good thing to come out of clone saga, so much room for development)
10 - Doom (Goat legs/zombies/doom bots: hes not even around and causing problems)
9 - Green Goblin (brings more twists than a bag of pretzels)
8 - Iron Man (Very different from 616, IMO)
7 - Reed Richards (Has done so much at a young age/brought us Zombies)
6 - Hulk (Much better than i ever expected, love his story)
5 - Cap (possible dual persona/icon)
4 - Thor (very cool story, good mystery...did give us Loki)
3 - Wolverine (could be the father of more mutants than we know)
2 - Nick Fury (everything revolves around him)
1 - Spidey (first and best/reason we keep reading)
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Here's the real list:

10. Doc Ock
9. Hawkeye
8. Black Widow
7. Reed Richards
6. Tony Stark (The Ultimates version, of course)
5. Nick Fury
4. Hulk/Banner
3. Spider-Man
2. Captain America
1. Thor
Just for fun, who are the top ten worst characters in the UU?

10 - 6 arm Spider-clone (Wolf spider i think?)
9 - Ultimate Adventures Side-kick
8 - Ultimate Adventures Hero
7 - Mary-Jane Wolf thing
6 - Shocker/Electro
5 - Vulture
4 - Zarda
3 - Mr. Sinister
2 - Apocalypse (Great character, just poorly done)
1 - Spider-Pig
Nick Fury, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner, Hank Pym, Hawkeye, Black Widow, The Wasp, Betty Ross.

I miss The Ultimates. :(
I miss The Ultimates. :(

Me too. U3 just sucks so bad.

10. Doc Ock
9. Nick Fury
8. Iron Man (He was cooler before Loeb ruined him)
7. Magneto
6. Thor (also cooler before Loeb ruined him)
5. Green Goblin (Infinitely cooler than 616 Gobby)
4. Dr. Doom (love me some goat legs and poison gas breath)
3. Cap (F***ing Loeb!!!)
2. Hulk
1. Spidey
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Hm. My Top 10

10. Reed Richards
9. Norman Osborn (He's better than the Green Goblin)
8. Spider-Man
7. Hawkeye (Ultimates 1 & 2)
6. Captain America
5. Thor
4. Captain Mar-Vehl (How is he not on the list?!)
3. Nick Fury
2. The Hulk
1. Magneto (How is he not even on the list?!?!)
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yay. Top tens!!! My favorites:

10: Captain America
9: Iron Man
8: Beast
7: Wolverine
6: Kitty Pride
5: MJ
4: pre-ultimates 3 Thor (Ultimate 3 never happend)
3: Hank Pym (I love the underdog)
2: Hulk/Banner
1: Spider-man
My 10

10. Hank Pym (on Ultimates 2 #6 alone)
9. Gallowglass - I thought he was a cool villain - hope he (somehow) returns
8. Liberators - Cool team of over-the-top evil
7. Prof X - Sinister undercurrent with this version - he and Fury conspire I think
6. Norman Osborne - See #5
5. Doom - How could you not?
4. Hawkeye - F.I.N.G.E.R.N.A.I.L.S.
3. Captain America - The first time I was interested in ANY version of him
2. Hulk - Exciting. Ultimates #5 was the most amazing intro to a character
1. Nick Fury - All his differences from 616 were 'upgrades'. Total cool.
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