Marvel Heroes - Issue #1 - Atlantis Distress Call


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Jan 22, 2007
Stark Towers
Colonel Nick Fury has called a meet in Stark Towers. The Black Widow received an urgent may-day call from the depths of Atlantis. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp and She-Hulk have all been called in for action.

"Ladies and gentlemen; the Black Widow received an urgent distress call from Atlantis less than twenty-four hours ago. We have tried repeatedly to reply to the message and gather more information but we have lost the feed. It seems that Namor has turned his back on the Atlanteans and left the throne. We all know Namor personally and I can't understand why he would turn his back on his people when he fought so hard to claim the throne." Nick Fury was addressing his team which consisted of Captain America, Thor, She-Hulk and The Wasp – on the 42nd floor of the Stark Towers. It was a very large room surrounded my tainted glass windows. The room had a very large Camelot-esque style table with at least twenty chairs situated around them. The chairs were of very high quality standards (remember this is Tony Stark's property after all and when quality comes into play he is always going to go for the best). The room also contained the odd mantle here and there with potted plants scattered around to create a warm and yet calming mood in the room, perhaps the wrong type of mood for this kind of situation. "Namor has also threatened to destroy Atlantis and all that live there. He is threatening to wipe out the entire Atlantean race and we need to know why. We need to know why he stepped down from the throne, why he has turned his back on his people and why he wishes to destroy a place he has spent so long fighting for in the past." Nick Fury continued. Captain America stood up out of his seat to signal to Nick Fury that he had something to saw. Fury gave him the nod for him to address what he wishes to say.

"Thank you, Colonel Fury. Am I right in hearing you correctly? Namor the man who once fought by our sides and fought all his life for Atlantis and his kind, has turned against his own people?" Nick Fury nodded in response. Captain America looked down at the floor with a sad expression upon his face before taking his seat once again.

"This is preposterous!" Thor jumped out of his seat. "I fail to believe that a great leader would turn against his own people!"

"I agree with Thor." She-Hulk sighed. "Namor is a great man and like Thor just said, I fail to believe what you have just addressed us with. I'm not calling neither Black Widow nor yourself a liar but how can we be sure that the feed you received was legit?"

"She-Hulk, I take no offence to what you just said and you're right. Black Widow and I were both a little concerned about whether or not the message was legit or not but what we can tell you is that we have not been able to get into contact with any living being in Atlantis since the distress call." Nick Fury explained as the Black Widow walked into the room. She acknowledged all the team members and nodded at each one in no particular order. She had in her hands a set of case files. She greeted Nick Fury with a handshake before giving the papers to him. Quickly scanning through the files Fury's face became a lot more serious than it was before. "Thank you Black Widow. We have just learnt that we have been able to get in contact with an Atlantean under the name of Azura. She was not the original sender of the distress call but she has been able to give us a feed of what is really going on down there." He placed the case files on the table and slid them towards Captain America. In turn he passed the files to the person next to him and once they had read what needed to be read they passed them on until they returned back to Nick Fury.

"I have never heard of this Azura, Colonel." The Wasp broke the silence. "Do we know she can be trusted?"

"If I remember correctly, Azura is one of Namor's niece's... is that correct Colonel?" Captain America said whilst thinking to himself and trying to recall the last time he was having convocation with Namor which was around a few years ago now.

"You are correct Captain. Azura can be trusted Wasp so there are no worries about that. Our only concern at the minute is how dangerous Namor can be at this point. When Hank Pym and The Vision ran tests on Namor to see how well he could cope with life outside of Atlantis they discovered great power that was locked inside of him. The powers release is unknown to us but this could be a sign of something inside of Namor has triggered." As Nick Fury said this – a large silver plane flew past the window, it rattled the tainted glass for a few seconds as it passed. "It looks as if Mr. Stark has finally decided to join us." The room giggled.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late I had a business meeting in Venezuela." Tony noticed the serious expressions upon the team's faces. "I guess I missed something."

Nick Fury and the team explained what had happened with Namor and the Atlanteans. After a few minutes of questions asking and answering the team set off on the Quinjet.

"Alright team; the plan of action is as follow, you are to go into Atlantis and look after any casualties you may find. We don't know any damage that Namor may or may not have caused. Azure is going to be meeting us at the landing zone. She will take you into the city of Atlantis. If you find any casualties or Namor himself then radio through to us. Find out as many details as possible and if combat does arise we need Namor to be taken captive alive and not dead. Be prepared for anything, good luck."

The Quinjet flew across the ocean and landed amongst a small strip of islands off the coast of West Africa. The islands had been under S.H.I.E.L.D's hat for quite some time and were the meeting points for any agents that needed to travel to or from Atlantis. The Quinjet landed safely as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, She-Hulk and The Wasp left the carrier and stepped foot onto the island. Nick Fury saluted to his team as the Quinjet took flight once again. S.H.I.E.L.D soldiers took the team into a laboratory where they received injections that would allow them to temporarily breathe under water. They were then placed individually into clear glass pods that would descend into the oceans depths and into the outskirts of the city of Atlantis. Each team member suited up and got what they needed before descending. The pods took around ten minutes before hitting the bottom of the ocean. During which time Tony Stark had somehow managed to nearly self-destruct his Iron Man suit due to the water pressure.

On the bottom of the ocean a very young and pretty Atlantean approached the team.

"Thank you so much for coming! My name is Azura." She shook the team's hands one by one.

"You're quite welcome, Azura. What's the situation here at the moment?" Captain America asked.

"We are safe here on the outskirts. Namor has taken his palace and his entire staff captive. He has destroyed some of our houses and killed a few Atlanteans during the process." Azura began to cry as she was explaining. "You must do something, please..."

"Don't worry Azura. We will find out why Namor is acting this way and we will also look after the wounded." She-Hulk smiled at Azura which lifted her spirits slightly. "So what's the plan of action?"

"Atlantis is too vast to split up into two separate and uneven teams. If we head straight through the centre of the city we have a risk of getting more Atlanteans killed but then we also have the risk of not being able to save those that are wounded." Thor addressed. "Are there any secret passages that run under Atlantis that will lead to his throne room?"
"Yes... but I am not sure where they are." Azura replied.

"I can head into the centre of the city and report anything I find. Namor won't know I am there." The Wasp smiled. Captain America gave her the nod as she swam off into the distance.

Atlantis was the size of New York and San Antonio put together. Over ten million Atlanteans inhabit the city.

"So what's the plan?" Iron Man stepped forward and began to scan the city through his mask. "As far as I can see from here all the secret passages are within the inner-suburbs of Atlantis. It looks like a clear path there but Namor isn't stupid. If anything he has already prepared for our arrival." He zoomed in on various different locations including a bar that has been destroyed and a public rest-room that had been left in ruins. "Nice to see that Atlantis still has heritage."

"We're going to take a chance and walk into the inner-suburbs. The Wasp will be able to trace us and when we are all together we will make a move for the palace." Captain America began to proceed forwards but before walking any further he turned towards Azura. "Get yourself to somewhere safe. We will find you once all of this has settled down."

This is my first post on these forums so I thought I'd give you guys a taste of what I am writing over at the Marvel forums, what do you guys think?
Issue #2 - Tending The Wounded


Nick Fury and Black Widow are hovering directly above Atlantis as the team of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, She-Hulk and The Wasp are investigating why Namor has turned his back on the Atlanteans and why he is threatening the entire destruction of Atlantis.

"Colonel Fury; have you any idea why Namor is doing this?" Black Widow and Nick Fury were sitting opposite each other with lap tops in front of them in the main cargo hold of the Quinjet. They were emailing various sources back and forth two of which included Hank Pym and The Vision.

"None at all, Namor always seemed like a pretty mentally stable individual considering the amount of time he did spend away from Atlantis. I can't even think why he would do such a thing." Nick Fury was checking through his emails and briefly looked up at Black Widow. "Why, what are your thoughts?"

"You mentioned earlier about Namor having some kind of great power hidden inside of him. Do you think he has become a schizophrenic with this new power? I mean is it possible for him to have accidently unleashed this power without realising it and it has taken over him? Maybe he doesn't even realise what he is doing." Black Widow looked into Nick Fury's eyes as she said this to see if her opinion had made any impact on his expression, but it didn't. He expressed a thoughtful expression before looking back at his screen.

"That is an interesting theory and I'll send to our sources to see what they think." This made Black Widow smile for the first time all day.


The Wasp is looking around the centre of Atlantis for casualties. She has discovered a few and is attempting to try and heal their wounds.

"What happened here?" The Wasp returned to her original size. She was in a small alcove of ruins that once was a small general store. She was tending to two injured Atlanteans, one of which was unconscious. Another Atlantean that had avoided any injuries was sitting next to her offering her aid when she needed it.

"Namor went crazy... he started attacking all of us and blowing building up he was yelling and shouting that we have all failed him. That human-kind has taken over "his" planet and that we just let them do it with no fight..." The injured Atlantean said. The Wasp was tending to his arm that looked broken but it wasn't a severe enough injury to have to be taken away in the Quinjet. The unconscious Atlantean was just suffering from a concussion.

"Did anything happen before Namor went "crazy"?" The Wasp asked the Atlantean who was helping her tend to the injured.

"I do not know. Namor has always been so calm and friendly no matter the situation. It seemed as if he just snapped for no apparent reason whatsoever." The Atlantean said as The Wasp moved on to the unconscious Atlantean.

Thor walked past the alcove before turning into it and signalling to the rest of the team that he had discovered The Wasp and some casualties.
"Is everything OK here?" Thor asked, The Wasp nodded to him as she carried on attending. The rest of the team walked into the alcove. Iron Man and She-Hulk sat down near the entrance to keep their eye out on any trouble that may occur nearby.

"So any new information? Are the casualties OK?" Captain America asked.
"One has a broken arm and the other just has a minor concussion, they'll be fine. Apparently Namor just snapped for no apparent reason. He told the Atlanteans (before he attacked) that they had failed him and allowed human-kind to take over the planet." The Wasp explained. "It doesn't sound like Namor at all."

Iron Man began to scope the surrounding area through his mask. The area was safe, for now. It had been a few hours since Namor's attack. Atlantis was completely deserted. The Atlanteans had barred themselves into their homes or into safe and locked away places and off the streets all together. The team hadn't passed a single Atlantean until they came across The Wasp in the alcove attending the injured. Iron Man began to ring through to Nick Fury; he signalled to Captain America that he was doing so.

"What's the situation team?" Nick Fury asked over the inter-com.

"There are two known casualties that The Wasp is attending to. Nothing severe so nothing for you to worry about Colonel." Iron Man replied. "According to one of the civilians that The Wasp questioned – Namor just lost it and called the Atlanteans failures for letting human-kind control Earth."

"Good work. I'll send the new information to The Vision and see if he can come up with anything. In the mean time make sure the casualties are looked after and taken somewhere safe. Then do what you need to do to get to Namor, Fury out."

"The casualties will be save here for a while. The palace isn't too far ahead, let's make a move." The Wasp said as she finished wrapping a bandage around the arm of one of the injured Atlanteans.

The team left the alcove and began to move further into the centre of the city. It was still deserted with nobody to be seen in sight and the destruction of the city got worse the further they got closer into the centre of Atlantis. Buildings were either gone completely off the face of the bottom of the ocean or they were ruins in the ground now representing what once was. The sight was enough to make you feel the pain the Atlanteans must have gone through as Namor destroyed their homes, work places and even possibly their families and friends. Even though no bodies could be seen on the surface there isn't to say that there could be corpses beneath the heightened ruins. The team had to be prepared for anything, what the Atlanteans told them and based on the information they knew before entering Atlantis, this is a very different and a very unique side to Namor that they have never come across or experienced before. With the palace just lying ahead, anything could be ahead of them!

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