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Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I think it's not listed here because Earth-67 (not Earth-6799, which is the TV Show) was only featured in Into the Spider-Verse and the Spider-Verse Event from the Comics. The Comics are regarded as a different Multiverse, so they are not included in here.

Well, I think that's a bit different. With Joker, there was a clear statement. The producers/showrunners and co of The Gifted and, even more so of Legion, gave only vague statements, so I'll go with the others and say it's a divergent timeline, yes, but has no further connection, and thus is not important for the Multiverse Viewing Order.
Marvel doesn't have different multiverses.

  • He is one and the same with Spider-Man of Earth-67
This character is the alternate version of Spider-Man from the 1967 Spider-Man TV series.
On the Earth-67 Spider-Man page. Besides, that wiki isn't reliable. I'm going off the official handbooks and appendix site.
OK, but then which one of the 2 is the one in Into the Spiderverse?
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Okay. So, why don't you include the Spider-Verse Comic Event, at least the issues that take place on Earth-67? And what do you think about including The Gifted and Legion? Those were official statements, so it should apply the same like Joker and The Batman
Why is Iron Man VR included? I thought its in it's own self-contained Universe tbh. Is there a source?
we doon't know if it's canon or not canon. In an Interview the game director sayed that It's up to Insomniac say if the game it's canon or not, and they didn't say anythinng, so we don't know.
Sooo, now that Spectacular Spider-Man is canon to the Multiverse Viewing Order, does that mean that Ultimate Spider-MAn Series is canon tooo? The Spec Peter P appeaerd in the Ultimate Spider-Man Spider-Verse Evenet if Im not mistaklen.
What I say is that I think Spectacular Spider-Man was not in Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon Spiderverse
This is what I found on the Marvel Database. I know it's not a great source, but that seems legit. I'll look it up in the episode though:
In the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Return to the Spider-Verse, Part 4", this version of Spider-Man makes a cameo appearance as one of many alternate reality Spider-Men whose life-force is being siphoned by the Wolf Spider using the Siege Perilous. Series writer Chris Wyatt has expressed that license restrictions prevented them from expressly using The Spectacular Spider-Man's Spider-Man, and that, if it wasn't for those issues, his universe would've been featured prominently in the show's "Spider-Verse" arc.

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