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Sep 15, 2004
Since the big two love stealing each other's ideas, what would happen if Marvel were to reboot their universe and relaunch 52 titles with all new #1s? Let's say you're in charge and have to pick 52 titles - WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO CHOOSE?*

*Creative teams are optional.
52 is quite a lot but since DC also has Vertigo/Wildstorm, feel free to include the Ultimate Universe and the Icon imprint or whatever too.
kay I've got 52, wasn't that hard, actually wound up with 80 books and whittled it down (had to sacrifice quite a few pet-books for stuff that'd be shoe-ins), I'll post it tomorrow when I've thought up a hook for each book instead of just a list of properties
I don't know if I could pick 52 but definitely 10.

10. Nova - I was pissed when they cancelled it because I thought it was selling well enough compared to most of the crap that was out there. Especially since it was nipping on the buds of the Annihilation events which were pretty successful imo.

09. Young Avengers - At this point I'd rather see Loeb ruin the series than the chances of Heinberg ever returning. I would absolutely love to see Hulking's lineage spark the beginning of another Kree-Skrull war that erupts into a epic space opera crossing over into Nova, Avengers and a couple other books. The potential is there.

08. The Defenders - You know how awesome this book could be if it was given a melancholic take with humor ala Venture Bros' mystic team. You know something comical and light-hearted but willing to take itself seriously when it has to.

07. She-Hulk - This was pretty much the only comic Hibs ever read in front of me. To only recapture those days again and watch her reading a comic book in leisure. *le sigh*

06. Avengers - Screw New/Mighty/God-aweful Avengers. I want to see this book consolidated. Maybe Avengers Blue and Avengers Red; one being super-heroic fighting Gods and Deities and saving the universe from peril and the other with a street and noir sensibility while solving crimes and addressing real world issues, everyday, common people issues. Nothing outright political, but nothing completely bleeding heart either.

05. X-Men - I was never big on X-Men until Astonishing came around (and with GM's run an exception). Sorry Jaggyd. My biggest gripe....Wolverine. Either give him his own title or have him on 1...ONE! team. I wouldn't so much mind 3 books or so, but stop having Wolverine in all of them dammit. And give me some stories I can care about.

04. Ghost Rider - Ennis...on this. And have GR in a battle for hell against Mephisto that erupts into a Hellish Opera of magnificence with a little sprinkle of Dante's Inferno thrown into the mix along with a little God of War that sees GR collecting long lost artifacts to help defeat Mephisto eventually turning Ghost Rider into the new Mephisto. Mephisto then becomes his imp-slave by proxy.

03. Marvel Boy - Morrison's 4-issue run was awesome and we never saw him again until Civil War. and that story was complete farce. I'd love to see his story intertwine with my Young Anvengers storyline which would see him attempting to overtake the universe from the Kree, Skrull and Shi'ar.

02. The Thing - I would love to see this series have Ben approaching a different hero each issue as they have a heart-to-heart of sorts. Just have the story follow The Thing on a soul searching journey where he tries to find meaning in all the fighting he's been doing and the search to turn his body back to normal. So he bounces from hero to hero and walks with them. He spends a day following them as they tell him their reason for fighting or their reason to wake up and put the mask on everyday.

01. Captain America - I loved when Bru first started the series and the underlying tones he gave to Steve having anger management issues. Then Steve died before we knew it and none of that was ever truly explored. I'd love a retelling of that story and how Steve struggles to control his temper in high-risk situations, succumbing to PTSD and eventually coming to grips with it while fighting to control his temper and keep the spirit of his namesake intact.
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I'm going to have to put some thought into this one...
I don't know if I could pick 52 but definitely 10.
</snip for space>

No worries, I don't expect everyone to be an X-Fan. It's like my problem with Spider-man, just can't get into it, which is why I'm having to revise my title list.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do 52, because personally, I think the Big Two would be better served to do things more like the manga market. A mix of anthology books, minis, and only a handful of true monthly titles.
I would definitely have a cosmic book featuring the adventures of Star-Lord and Nova as they travel throughout the multiverse trying to get back to 616.
So, for people putting lists together - is this 52 total books, or 52 MU books? Would you include books like, say, Ultimate books in the 52?
I tried to do all 52 titles but that's tough I don't know enough of the Marvel universe (specially the cosmic stuff). So I decided to just do descriptions for the team books and a list of regular books. My line of thinking was that character's should try and not constantly appear in each other's book. The occasional guest starring an incidental cameos are okay but the books should focus on the character/team's own spot in the universe.

And no character will be on multiple teams. I also prefer a character/team only having one title. I know demand for stories can get high, but I'd rather they have multiple creators on one project and produce more each month than a ton of different titles.

Events are small and only one event per year that focus on a single line (ex: All avengers books) tie ins do not exceed two issues. And maybe one major company event every 5 years. No upsetting the entire status quo unless you intend to stick with it.

1. The Avengers - This is the team that has The main Avengers characters. Much the Ultimates this book deals with highest level threats that only this special team with the "best of the best" can handle (Major Villains/Invasion/Governments/etc.) Cast: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Balck Widow, Wasp, Giant Man, and Black Panther

2. The Mighty Avengers - I consider this the "catch all" Avengers book. As in the cast is featured of fan favorites Avengers that didn't make the cut of the main Avengers Book. They deal with fairly big threats (giant monsters/aliens/etc.). Ms Marvel, etc.

3. The New Avengers - I wanted to name this differently but couldn't think of something that fit. This team is made of street level heroes that deals with street level threats (Organized crime/low lifes with powers/etc.) Cast: Luke Cage, Spider-man, etc

4. The Young Avengers - Just like the Books before, younger heroes based off the Avengers.

5. Avengers Academy - This will be an open book that's intended to give venue for new characters to be introduced and tested. Not all stories will focus on the academt but the recruit's backgrounds and origins.

6. X-Men - The Premiere X-men group that consistent of the basic X-men characters taking on big threats (Like The Avengers) Cast: Cyclops, Wolverine, White Queen, Beast, Shadowcat, Colossus.

7. The Uncanny X-Men - The catch all X-men book, the cast is made up of fan favorite characters who didn't make the cut for X-Men. Their team is global and the stories focus on they're search for new mutants and fighting for mutant rights. Cast: Nightcrawler, Storm, etc.

8. X-Men Class (aka Xavier School for the Gifted) - Just like Avengers Academy this book is for the introduction and development of new character. The settle is Xavier's school and will have a high school tone.

9. Fantastic Foundation - I just didn't like the name "Future Foundation" Though it makes sense. Basically the Book stays the same.

10. Heroes For Hire - I haven't read this before but I picture it being Burn Notice, but instead of "Spies for Hire" it "Super Heroes for hire" which is awesome.

11. Marvel Presents: - A book for any creator to just write whatever story they want, with whatever characters. Think of this as the miniseries series.

The rest are mostly individual character books:

12. Amazing Spider-man
13. DareDevil: The Man Without Fear
- Matt Murdock is back and not written like Crap
14. Ghost Rider
15. Captain America
16. Iron Man
17. Thor
18. The Incredible Hulk
19. Wolverine
20. Deadpool
- I think this should just be purely an action-comedy book that can make fun of current industry trends if its not already.
21. Iron Fist
22. Luke Cage
- I definitely think he's a strong enough character to hold his own book.
23. Black Panther
24. The Punisher
25. She-Hulk
26. Moon Knight
27. The Defeneders
28. Nick Fury: Secret Warriors
29. Dr. Strange
30. S.H.I.E.L.D
- Spy stories starring Agents of Shield.
31. Thunderbolts
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No worries, I don't expect everyone to be an X-Fan. It's like my problem with Spider-man, just can't get into it, which is why I'm having to revise my title list.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do 52, because personally, I think the Big Two would be better served to do things more like the manga market. A mix of anthology books, minis, and only a handful of true monthly titles.

I hear you, I'm the same with Spider-man. Also I was refering to your disdain for Whedon's 'Astonishing' run of X-Men.
I hear you, I'm the same with Spider-man. Also I was refering to your disdain for Whedon's 'Astonishing' run of X-Men.

Actually, I've since reread Whedon's Astonishing, while I prefer other writers, his run is a lot better than I originally gave it credit for. He got everyone about 90% right, but it's still some of their "voices" that bother me a tiny bit. Plus, he was the first to write the current codependent Emma, which is hard for me to deal with. All in all, he actually made Cyclops likeable, and he had some genuinely epic (and funny) moments. So now when I read it I realize that some writers can't get some character voices right, and of all writing sins, that's one of the more easily forgivable to me.
Avenger Titles
Avengers - Main book. Huge threats, year long arcs.
Secret Avengers - Street based team fighting off mob bosses and whatnot.
Avenger Academy - Project likes this.
Avenger Team Up - Rotating cast of characters fighting an array of bad guys
Marvel Adventures featuring the Avengers - a kid based Spider-Man book
Total = 5

Amazing Spider-Man
Supporting Spider-Man Title - Stupendous Spider-Man or whatever, basically a supporting title to flesh out the secondary and tertiary characters of the Spider-verse
Daily Bugle - a book featuring the cast of the Daily Bugle much like the current Frontline.
Marvel Adventures featuring Spider-Man - a kid based Spider-Man book
Total = 10

Marvel Knights
Heroes for Hire - I like the current version
Luke Cage presents - Luke Cage and one other hero fighting in a team up book
Daredevil:Man without Fear - Daredevil back as a lawyer fighting against the criminal underbelly of Hell's Kitchen
Moonkight & Punisher - a book that follows Punisher and Moonknight as they hunt down mob bosses and stuff
Total = 14

Uncanny X-Men - Main book. Huge long involved arcs featuring the total array of X-Men
New Mutants - a book in which the former New Mutants train the New New Mutants
Alpha Flight - the favorite Canadian team for Bendis to kill
X-Men Legacy - explores the side stories of the X-Men
Hope's X-Men - The strange girl who is going around the world awakening mutants deserves her own title cause it can crash and burn all by itself.
X-factor - written by the same guy, CAUSE IT'S AWESOME
Wolverine - Cause
Dark X-Men - a book about the villains of the X-Verse
Marvel Adventures featuring Wolverine and the X-Men - a kid based X-Men book
Total = 25

Captain America
Captain America - Steve Rogers book
Black Widow and the Winter Soldier - Bucky and Natasha book
Captain American presents - a Captain America team up book
Total = 28

Magic Marvel
Captain Britian and the MI13 - Nuff said
Dr. Strange - a book featuring Doc Strange in a quest to become the Sorcerer Supreme again
Runaways ft. Wiccan and Speed - the two supposed twins of the Scarlet Witch hunting for their mother with the team of the Runaways.
Monsters - a comedic book about the various monsters of the Marvel universe and how they are just trying to get by.
Magical Might - a team of magic based personas who come together to stop various magical threats
Ghost Rider
Total = 33

Cosmic Marvel
Guardians of the Galaxy - the current Annihilators team
Rocket Raccoon and Groot - a comedic view of the cosmic Marvel world as Rocket tries to find traces of Star-Lord.
Cammi's Cosmic Adventures - Forgotten by Drax after the Annihilation war, Cammi travels the Cosmic verse with a Chaos Sprite and uncovers various adventures and secrets
Star-Lord and Nova - the dynamic duo who trapped Thanos in the life-verse are now traveling throughout the multiverse looking to find their way home. And Thanos is hot on their heels.
Total = 38

Various 616 titles
Incredible Hulk
Hercules and Amadeus
Deadpool presents - team ups with Deadpool
Invincible Iron Man
FF: Future Foundation
SHIELD - the current SHIELD Team
SHIELD: Infinity - the past adventures of the SHIELD organization. Cause Isaac Newton and Leonardo Davinci need super powers.
Black Panther and Storm
Marvel Adventures present the Pet Avengers - a kid based book based off the pets of the Avengers.
Thor - a Thor book
Total = 48

Ultimate Marvel
Ultimate Spider-Man - there was a title everyone liked, that didn't have Ultimate Carnage in it.
Ultimates - cause it's a better name than Ultimate Avengers. It should also have at least ten to twenty versions of the Hulk and Spider-man in it. Then everyone should forget about them.
Ultimate X-Men - I like the new direction that I haven't read.
Ultimate presents - stories featuring secondary characters of the Ultimate-verse
Total = 52
My relaunch would involve a major restructuring to the Marvel Universe. Each group would have a central Spoke book, which serves several purposes. Its the main book in its group, it shows the connections with the books in its group, and each spoke runs 48 pages for $4.99.

X-Men Group

Uncanny X-Men - The Core X-Title. It would be the Spoke for its group. The team consists of Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Storm, Emma Frost, Colossus, and Rogue.
X-Force - The more militant branch of the mutant movement, this would be lead by Cable again. He'd pull together unique teams for each mission that needs accomplished, but he's have a few constant members, mainly Forge for technical support and Domino to keep him in line. Deadpool would occasionally show up in the book, sometimes working with them, sometimes against them.
X-Factor - Jamie Madrox, Alex Summers, Chamber, and Kitty Pride are out in the world, looking for mutants who have recently discovered their powers and are in need of guidance. Four out of five times they send them to Xavier, but sometimes they recognize that The Brotherhood is where someone belongs.
Wolverine - He's the best at what he does. And what he does is sell books.

Avengers Group

The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes - The Spoke for the Avengers group. The group would consist of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Black Widow, The Vision, and The Scarlet Witch. The team would focus mainly on handleing threats too large for any one hero. For example theres been some chatter about AIM cracking a certain serum from the 40s...
Invincible Iron Man - Tony Stark is Iron Man. A hard living adrenaline junkie that gets his best high when he straps on a multi-billion dollar war suit and throws down with the baddest mother ****ers he can find. The Board does not approve Mr. Stark.
Captain America - just letting Brubaker do his thing.
The Mighty Thor - The Rainbow Bridge is shattered. Cut off from Asguard Thor embarks on a quest through the relams to return home, hoping that the rumors of an all out invasion of the Frost Giants were false.
The Savage Hulk - Bruce Banner is the only Hulk, but he's out of control. He travels the country trying to avoid trouble, hunted by his follow superhumans, looking for a way to control the beast within him. The Hulk design in this would be less jolly green giant and more in line with a green beast.
The Young Avengers - This is Magical Chrsitmas Land. We get The Young Avengers there.

Manhatten group

The Fantastic - Spoke of the Manhattan group this would carry on with hickmans FF, showing the Fantatic Four interacting with the universe at large. The roster of the book wouldn't limit itself to only four, having learned the strengths that a variety of people to call on can bring from his time running the Future Foundation.
The Amazing Spider-Man - Peter Parker can't catch a break. He's got girl troubles, his aunt means well but just keeps popping in at the worst time, and on top of that he's being evicted from his apartment. You'd almost think someone was out to get him. (Hint, he loves pumpkins and long glides at night.)
Daredevil: The Man Without Fear - matt Murdock has it all. He's been reinstated to the bar, Wilson Fisk is behind bars, and people have finally stopped all that nonsense about him being daredevil. Things are going great until he's asked to defend the star of one of daytime TVs most popular soaps. But Mary Mary doesn't remember him, does she?

More to come some other time, this is all I've got now.
1. Alpha Flight – Canada’s premier superhero team
2. Amazing Spider-Man – Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man
3. Avengers – Earth’s mightiest heroes (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch)
4. Avengers Academy – Heroes train the Avengers of tomorrow (featuring the Young Avengers)
5. Black Panther – Ruler of Wakanda by day, superhero vigilante by night
6. Captain America – Steve Rogers, America’s first supersoldier
7. Captain Marvel – Noh-Varr’s struggles to live up to the title
8. The Daily Bugle – See the Marvel Universe from behind the scenes (think Gotham Central/The Pulse)
9. Daredevil – Matt Murdock is back in Hell’s Kitchen
10. Deadpool – Insane superhero satire, among other things

11. Defenders – Earth’s secret defence against supernatural threats
12. Doctor Strange – Stephen Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme once again
13. Elektra – The world’s greatest assassin
14. Excalibur – Britain’s premier superhero team (it’s basically Captain Britain and MI13)
15. Fantastic Four – The world’s greatest comic magazine
16. Ghost Riders – Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch outrunning the forces of hell anyway they can (think Supernatural)
17. Guardians of the Galaxy – In space, no one can hear you scream (but they’re going to save you)
18. Hercules – “I once beat Thor with both hands tied behind my back,” he says
19. Heroes For Hire – Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Daughters of the Dragon are willing to help you… for a price
20. The Hood – Parker Robbins could have been the next Spider-Man but somehow became the Kingpin of Crime instead: what happens next? (think Oz)

21. Hulk – Don’t make Bruce Banner angry
22. Inhumans – There’s another royal wedding this year… but this one is taking place on the moon
23. Iron Man – Tony Stark is going to change the world
24. Journey Into Mystery – Howard the Duck! Man-Thing! Fin Fang Foom! It’s an anthology!
25. Millie the Model – Sex and the City
26. Moon Knight – Don’t call him Batman: he hates Batman
27. Namor – He rules 71% of the Earth’s surface: he doesn’t have time for your land bull****
28. New Avengers – The Avengers B-Team on the street (Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Spider-Woman, Wolverine etc.)
29. New Mutants – Xavier’s Institute for Higher Learning
30. Power Pack – Written by kids for kids

31. Punisher – Frank Castle, Death, etc.
32. Runaways – The children of Los Angeles’ most powerful supervillains are on the run
33. Secret Avengers – Nick Fury’s black ops Avengers team (Maria Hill, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, War Machine)
34. She-Hulk – Matt Murdock meets the Hulk but sexier than both of them
35. SHIELD – Nick Fury is back and he’s got work to do
36. Spider-Woman – The smartest and sexiest triple agent in the world… but who is she really working for?
37. Thor – Frost Giants! World Trees! Beer!
38. Thunderbolts – The world’s worst villains reduce their sentences by doing the stuff no one else wants to do
39. Tomb of Dracula – Blade travels the world killing the things that go bump in the night

40. Uncanny X-Men – Xavier’s best students fight those that hate and fear them
41. Venom – Eddie Brock has reclaimed the symbiote and vows to make a difference… but is he really in control?
42. Wolverine – Logan seeks to uncover the mysteries of his past and in doing so makes a lot of enemies
43. X-Factor – Jamie Madrox and X-Factor Investigations have the abilities to solve even the most complex of crimes
44. X-Force – The X-Men military team who do the things that need to be done
45. Ultimates/Ultimate Avengers – The Ultimates are now an independent superhero team
46. Ultimate Spider-Man – Peter Parker, doing what he always does
47. Ultimate X-Men – Back to basics
48. Ultimate Fantastic Four – Back to basics
49. Ultimate Comics – The Ultimate Universe’s fifth ongoing featuring a different character and creative team every few issues

50. Squadron Supreme – Joe Michael Straczynski finishes what he started
51. Newuniversal – Warren Ellis finishes what he started
52. Marvelman/Miracleman – Neil Gaiman finishes what he started
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50. Squadron Supreme – Joe Michael Straczynski finishes what he started
51. Newuniversal – Warren Ellis finishes what he started
52. Marvelman/Miracleman – Neil Gaiman finishes what he started

I'm going to assume for the sake of the exercise, that the situation is similar to DC's plans, a soft relaunch that reboots various franchises on varying scales depending on the state of the property but generally focuses on a slightly younger universe. The one thing I liked about the Ultimate Universe that was never satisfactorily fleshed out was the underlying backdrop of a superhuman arms race. Ultimates dealt with the implications of superhumans on geopolitics; Spider-Man with the implications of multinational corporations having access to the technology; X-Men with the ethical questions of unregulated walking WMD's; and Fantastic Four with the socio-cultural effect of super science. So, this sort of backdrop would seep into the main universe instead. The Ultimate imprint would be shuttled or turned into a prestige line. Creator owned properties (like Criminal, Scarlet, Casanova, etc.) would remain separate, as would (obviously) licensed properties (Oz, The Stand, etc.). Some lines will largely remain the same, while others would get huge overhauls, as you'll see.

I'll be posting it in pieces, broken down by families of titles, since it's a lot of titles, and there's going to be some depth in the explanation.

The Avengers: Avengers teams and associated franchise characters, with a focus on accessibility to tie-in to film franchising.

1. The Avengers: In lieu of event titles, this would be the big, earth-shattering story hub, probably broken into volumes like the Ultimates was. A couple blockbuster stories a year starring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Wasp and Ant-Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. The first story would follow an origin, with the Hulk as the nemesis (setting up his book), before jumping forward six months or so and getting into the thick of it. The team is coordinated by Maria Hill, who reports directly to clandestine SHIELD director James "Bucky" Barnes (That's right. You'll see....).

2. Iron Man: Largely unchanged. There are a few keystone characters who are accepted as being around significantly longer than the recent superhuman boom, and he'd be one of them. Broke again, but brilliant and driven, Stark is out of the weapons game and looking to find a new model of business that averts the global crises looming over the modern age.

3. Captain America: Younger and more flawed. This is a Captain America that's only been out of deep freeze for a couple years. During WWII, his adventures were largely PR, with the military brass wanting to preserve their last human subject of the super soldier formula. He spent most of his time chaperoned by his badass normal sixteen year old bodyguard Bucky Barnes and disappeared in a last act of heroism. Now he's back in the world, uncomfortable and uncertain in the way news reels and decades of propaganda have lionized him in the public eye. He's on retainer to SHIELD now, trying to live up to the legend he never really was.

4. Thor: Donald Blake is the head psychiatrist at Vegas General, a dank and underfunded sub-basement of the hospital proper. He lost his wife and son in a car crash a year ago and hasn't managed to crawl out of the depression since, stuck with a cane and a dependency on alcohol and prescription drugs. His life is dull and gray, his sleep haunted by vivid dreams where he's Thor, son of Odin, fighting a war on the precipice of armageddon. Sometimes he feels like the real world is just a lie and this is the only truth. Then patients start appearing who reaffirm his delusions. A fat man who suffers from pica, eating anything around him despite its edibility; a young man too paralyzed to make any decisions at all, paralyzed by the belief he will bring about the end of the world; a woman found near catatonic, found severely burned and walking nude through the desert, clutching a butcher's knife. Donald becomes obsessed with her resemblance to his dead wife. Then there's Lois Keegan, rare weapons collector and ruthless hedonist owner of Yggdrassil, Vegas' hottest new attraction, a Nordic themed casino with an enormous tree rising through the center. The shared delusions of his patients suggest to Blake that there was a war in heaven, and the gods were cast from heaven, minds broken, in human bodies..... Is it true, or is he just feeding his own psychoses?

5. Avengers Institute: Avengers Academy, but bigger. Kids with powers are offered training, protection, and education grants in return for a four year commitment to the armed forces. Instead of training the kids to be out and out superheroes, the primary focus of deans Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne is to find the kids a productive role in the future of America. More often than not, it's to find a creative use in civilian occupations, rather than as superheroes proper.

6. The Incredible Hulk: Bruce Banner washes ashore the island of Malta, his memory lost, taken in by an isolated nunnery. That doesn't turn out well for him. When men come for Bruce, the nunnery is in shambles and he's forced to the continent for their sake. Here, the news are only talking about one thing: his death, the act that led to the formation of the world's first superhero team. And despite the entire world thinking he's dead, it seems everyone is on Bruce's trail: terror groups, world governments, intelligence agencies, mercenaries. It's The Fugitive! But international! And he turns into a mindless, destructive green monster! Poor Bruce just wants to be left alone....

7. Avengers Next: In a bleak future, the children of the original Avengers are forced to challenge their own code of ethics to keep the world together. How did things get so wrong, and why are they required to pay for the sins of their fathers? The mysterious state of affairs can be used as fore(post?)shadowing for epic present day Avengers adventures!

The Initiative. I don't think I'd have a federal mandated 50 state initiative, but this is creatively the same idea: teams and characters who represent the United States outside the typical New York City crowd.

8. Runaways: They never played much in the greater MU and they'd remain unchanged, their history intact: kids who's parents were super-villains, still trying to figure out what they want to be, and avoiding the superhero lifestyle. So they move to Seattle, the golden land of liberals and rain, where things are quiet. Unfortunately, criminal entrepreneur had the same idea, moving his family to Seattle to create his criminal empire. He's funded by his mistress, wealthy and ambitious criminal/magnate Whitney Frost (Madame Masque). BKV's two great Marvel creations go head to head!

9. Single Green Female Lawyer: Reserved but intelligent and impassioned Jen Waters was Atlanta's young wunderkid ADA. But a horrible car crash and a blood transfusion from her cousin left her with the power to turn into THE INCREDIBLE SHE-HULK! It destroyed her career in the judicial system but opened up new doors. She now stars in the popular network primetime dramedy Single Green Female Lawyer. Many of her coworkers are wannabe "celebrity heroes", looking to make their names known so they can step into a lucrative career in the Hollywood superhero merchandising circuit (Superhero movies are big business!). Her best friend is Patsy "Hellcat" Walker, a former actress turned cynical who now makes a living in costume, making appearances at genre/auto conventions and business grand openings. And somehow Jen finds the time to mentor a group of misfit teens who call themselves "The Young Allies". Glib, tongue-in-cheek commentary of celebrity and superhero/television culture.

10. Moon Knight: LA's dark avenger! He was a mercenary with a unique knack for reading people. Now bonded with the spirit khonsu, he's found a new use for his observation. He can take on the personas and specialties of the people he's studied, sifting through his closet of personalities to find the right specialties for the job. Unfortunately, they aren't always content to just linger beneath the surface. He's probably still a producer for a ****ty syndicated action-adventure show.

11. Thunderbolts: would largely stay the same, but I'd probably move them to Wyoming or Montana or somewhere. It doesn't make sense to me that they'd keep the most dangerous superhuman federal prison off the coast of New York, so instead some quiet, forgettable state in the middle of nowhere holds the world's most dangerous prison in return for a big federal boost to their coffers.

Spider-Man. Okay. This is easy.

12. Amazing Spider-Man: He already got a reboot so we're leaving him untouched. His history's intact, though probably not the Avengers stuff. In NuMarvel, he's the world's first vigilante hero, and so he's been around a while.

13. Venom: 'cuz he sells books. Let Remender keep it.

14. Front Line: Norah Winters, Jessica Jones, Ben Urich, and creepy little Phil Urich are the core crew of the Daily Planet, a newspaper that isn't afraid to get in the thick of superhero brawls and issues, keeping those guys honest and insuring the truth doesn't get lost. They frequently run into Damage Control, who handles the clean-up and investigation of these big throwdowns. Norah's main squeeze, Robbie Robertson Jr. (is that his name?) works for DC, and his dad is their boss. Rock.
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