Marvel Team-Up Series Discussion (spoilers)


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Jul 12, 2005
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Is no one here reading this? Marvel Team-Up by Robert Kirkman is definately one of the best Marvel books out there right now. Go on and check it out. Now!

Issue 22 just came out. We're in the middle of an arc called Freedom Ring. There's this dude called Curtis who happens to find a ring that has reality-altering powers (yes, the same ring that Ringmaster used in a previous arc) and now he wants to be a super hero called Freedom Ring. Unfortunately he gets his *** handed to him by Abomination and ends up in a hospital.

Meanwhile, the evil alternate reality Tony Stark (the very one introduced in the first arc of the series) and a life model decoy of Diamondback (introduced by Kirkman in Captain America Disassembled) are held in the SHIELD helicarrier. Stark gets free, assimilates the LMD which becomes his armor, calls himself Iron Maniac and breaks out of the helicarrier with ease.

And meanwhile, in an undisclosed location in Tokyo, Titannus (from the Titannus War arc) is being revived by some scientists.

I'm just loving this series! The League of Losers arc wan't that great but everything else has been top notch. And I just love the way how Kirkman is constantly referencing not only past arcs but also other stuff he's written.

Do yourself a favour and check this book out now. I believe the third trade (the below-par but still good League of Losers) just came out and the first two are brilliant.
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I tried it. It was dull.

I liked the Invincible tie-in issue, though. They just reached that part in Invincible #33.

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