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Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s



Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
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Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s

PART ONE: “The First Strike”
By Craig M. & Luis C.


The metallic tentacle sliced through the air, whistling a dangerous tune, and smashed into the right cheekbone of a Mister Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spider-Man. The Spider-Man costume was torn all over, and blood dripped from Peter’s face.

Needless to say, it was not a good day.

Peter’s head ached so much he couldn’t even remember what had happened. There was a bank robbery or something… Doctor Octopus had stolen a whole lot of money from a vault. Spider-Man had been near, heard the alarm, and taken pursuit.

He had then come into contact with a barrage of metal appendages.

Peter groaned, and tried to use whatever bit of strength he had left to try and lift himself up off the ground. It was raining and something wet slid down the side of his face. He didn’t know whether it was blood, rain, or a combination of both. All he knew was that he had to get up and beat Doctor Octopus.

The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout...” The madman chanted, as he walked along gleefully. His four metal arms moved rapidly around him, eager to get a piece of the fallen hero.

“Hey, Otto,” Peter mumbled, as he finally managed to lift himself up, swaying painfully, “The 80’s called; they want their bowl cut back.” Peter swung a punch at his enemy, but immediately recoiled, falling to his knees, and screaming into the cold, windy night.

“You are not in the position to be saying such harsh comments like that, Spider-Man. Your right shoulder has been dislocated, you are missing three teeth, and you have multiple broken ribs.” Doctor Octopus bent down to Peter’s level, and grinned evilly, like he knew something sinister that Peter did not.

Peter shivered as the cold steel of one of the arms grasped his neck. He felt himself being pulled up, and then came face to face with Doctor Octopus. Peter knew that this was the end.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out...


The Xavier Institute.

“Iceman, keep maintaining that ice wall as much as you can! Angel, don’t try anything risky! Just stay with the sky attack you learned at the training session. Jean, keep hitting them with the psychic blast as much as possible. It’s driving them back enough space to give us an advantage! Beast, get ready to for another cannon-ball assault!” Cyclops yelled to his team mates, trying to win the fight between them and their adversaries, The Brotherhood. They were lead by the madman known as Magneto, master of Magnetism, and a known terrorist against all homo-sapiens.

“Charles is still sending children to do his dirty work? Heh. That man will never learn, shall he? My Brotherhood! I grow tired of this little game. There’s no need to hold back! Finish these gene traitors!”

And so, the X-Men began to fall one by one, not being able to maintain their hand against the Brotherhood, who pounded the X-Men to near death. And before Magneto gave the final blow, all went silent. Not a word or breath was drawn. Even with all of the pain flowing throughout his body, Cyclops managed to look up, even with all the pain, to find the Brotherhood had simply… disappeared.


New York Harbour.

It had taken a long time, but after many unsuccessful encounters, Namor was able to subdue the Fantastic Four, once and for all. Reed, frozen to the harbour’s ground, from his neck down, was obviously unable to do anything for Susan who was bound to a pole with a dart in her neck. He could only witness the horrible acts Namor could afflict on them now.

Thing had been thrown countless miles away into the city, and trying to get back to the fight, urging to clobber Namor’s head into some pavement. The only member not defeated yet was the now weakened Johnny Storm, who could not even flame on after the blast of water Namor had doused on him earlier. Namor held him in one hand with a trident in the other.

“Namor, what do you think you’re going to do? Wage a war on the city? And then what? What then, Namor?!”

Namor laughed at Reed, not holding back what he found to be amusing. “Dear, dear, Reed. What happens next won’t be any of your concern. Because I will kill you all, starting with this boy.”

Namor lifted his trident and at first lightly pressed it against Johnny’s throat, smiling an evil smile. He felt the urge inside him to finally complete the accomplishment he always dreamed of. As he pulled the trident back and was ready to plunge it into Johnny, he simply just…stopped. He opened his hand and dropped the trident into the water.

“Namor?” Reed asked who was trying to escape, with no avail. Namor brought Johnny close to him, and whispered in his ear. He then threw Johnny into Reed, freeing him. When Reed stood up, Namor was gone. Thing then finally arrived, to find nothing but his friends.

“What in the name of sweet aunt Petunia just happened, here?”


The White House.

Steve Rogers felt the enormous gun barrel against the side of his head, and sat patiently. He had been in this situation many times before, but this time it was different. As Captain America, he had faced many gun-toting foes, but never someone of this calibre. After all, this was Kang the Conqueror.

“Killing you now means you don’t get to rot in that old folk’s home later on,” Kang sneered, standing over Captain America. “I just pull the trigger and I save you from forty years of absolute boredom filled with liquid food and sitcom repeats.”

“Kang… go to hell.” Steve growled.

“After you,” Kang smirked as he pulled the trigger…


The Helicarrier.

“They’re gone, sir,” Sharon Carter, also known as Agent 13, spoke up. She was standing in the cockpit of the massive SHIELD Helicarrier, and was addressing Colonel Nicholas Fury himself.

“They can’t just be gone, Carter,” Fury grunted, rolling the cigar embedded in his mouth, “They have to have gone somewhere.”

Carter mused for a moment. Looking upon Fury, she noticed he seemed even more stressed than usual. His body was young, while his mind was not.

“We’ve got reports from Reed Richards, Captain America, Iron Man… every major supervillain we have on the SHIELD database just upped and vanished, sir. We have no idea where they’ve gone, but they’re obviously somewhere where our satellites can’t track them.”

Fury grunted again, turned to Carter, and spat: “Contact the White House; something’s not right here…”


The Sanctum Sanctorum.

Clea Strange, the beautiful enchanted wife of Doctor Stephen Strange, watched her husband in amazement. He had woken up in the middle of the night, ignored Clea’s questions, and went straight to work, drawing up a form of pentacle. He had place candles around an outer circle, closed his eyes, and had begun to meditate.

“Wong, how long has my beloved husband been sitting there?” Clea asked their faithful servant.

Wong rubbed his bald head, and replied, “We’re getting close to the twelfth hour now, I believe.”

“What are you doing, Stephen?” Clea asked herself.


It was almost as if you couldn’t recognize the city. It was still New York City, but yet… at the same time, one would think it wasn’t. The city became everyone’s dream. New York City had become a utopia in which there weren’t any battles occurred to save the earth; no fights that went on destroying buildings, toppling over innocent bystanders; there was no villain of the week. The majority of the world was the same. The world was back to its old self, with good old regular people doing regular things.

The superhumans had vanished.


The Baxter Building.

“So this is it, huh, little brother? Off to fulfil some other meaningless fantasy?” Sue Storm smiled at Johnny, her eyes slowly tearing up.

“Oh, God, Sue, don’t make this some Hallmark moment, will ya? For the love of whatever’s left pure in this world, I’m only heading to Hollywood. And acting is not some meaningless fantasy!” snapped Johnny.

“Keep in touch, okay? Just because we’re not the Fantastic Four battling Mole Man or Dr. Doom, doesn’t mean you can forget about us,” Sue went on, a tear coming down her face.

“Perfect. There’s the Hallmark moment right there. I’m outta here before you cry me a river. Tell Ben I hope he enjoys his present, ha!” Johnny went off, leaving the Baxter Building as he flew off into the sky. Reed walked up to Sue pleasantly, with his hands in his pockets. He took one out and wrapped his arm around Sue’s body, pulling her up to his own body very closely.

“Come on, sweetheart. You do remember we still have a company to run, correct?” Reed asked her, pressing his head against hers.

“Of course, I do. I’m just here wondering what Johnny meant by Ben’s present… so did we get our quarterly numbers yet?”


Alicia & Ben’s Master Sculpture Shop.

Ben Grimm opened a gift box labelled to him from one Mister Johnny Storm. And as he did, a pie slammed into his face, and a note stuck to his head. He wiped the cream off with his thick, rocky fingers, and pulled the note off. It read: “Classic! I bet you’re missing me already, wide load! – Johnny”


Midtown High School.

Peter Parker straightened his tie nervously as he sat in the main office of the school, awaiting a meeting with the principal. He sat there trying to dust off some dirt from his plain white shirt. He played with his fingers and made popping noises with his mouth. The secretary grunted, giving Peter a clue to stop making the noises already.

“Heh… sorry about that,” Peter apologized. He looked over and saw a little girl with pony tails and glasses staring at him, with snot dripping out her nose. The little girl wiped it with her arm, and snorted.

“You know,” Peter whispered to her, “You remind me a lot of myself when I was a child. Except um… I wasn’t a girl.” The little girl continued to sit there, staring at him. A door opened behind the secretary and a small bald man with a big moustache appeared.

“Mr. Parker, please come in,” he said, directing Peter into the office with his arm.

“Thanks for seeing me, Mr. Wayne. I know the school isn’t looking for a full-time science teacher yet, but… you know.”

“Mr. Parker, no need to worry. The fact of the matter is we have a spot open. Our last teacher changed schools to be closer to her home. Meaning…”

“I got the job?! I got the job!” Peter yelled in excitement, leaping off the chair, and jumping into the air.

“Mr. Parker, please! Settle down, settle down! You’ll start full-time tomorrow,” the principal told him, smiling in disbelief of a grown man like Peter acting like a little child.

“Oh, Mary Jane’s going to love me!”


The White House.

Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America in his superhero identity, stood behind a window inside the White House. The President of the United States came up behind him and put his hand on Steve’s shoulder.

“You sure you want to do this?”

“Mr. President, I serve this country and the people. It’s not something that I particularly want to do, but I will do it for the United States of America,” Steve replied, as he looked back to the president.

“Well then, let’s announce to the world our future running president, shall we?”


The Avengers Mansion.

Tony Stark walked around the empty mansion’s main hallway as he reminisced on old times. He looked at the paintings and pictures on the wall of all the members of the Avengers.

“I never thought I’d see the day Jarvis.”

“Come again, sir?”

“All of us. We’re gone; done for. The world doesn’t need us anymore. Maybe they never did,” Tony spoke to Jarvis as he touched a picture of a newspaper clipping that was of Iron Man and Captain America at a press conference.

“Well, sir, if they never did, I see no other way of us being saved from the many invasions we have had. After all, we can’t count on the Fantastic Four; they’re always slacking off in the Negative Zone or whatever it’s called.”

“Heh, I wonder. Where could everybody be now…?”

“Oh, I’m sure they’re quite fine, sir. Quite fine indeed.”


Capitol Hill.

“Charles Xavier, what a pleasure to finally meet you,” The staunch politician announced, as he bent down to shake the Professor’s hand.

“Likewise, Mr. Kelly. You’re younger than I expected,” Charles smiled.

“That’s what they all say. Of course, they tell me I have a bright future in politics ahead of me, which is more than most of these people have, especially since SHIELD and General Ross keep snapping everyone up.” Kelly brushed his bright, brown hair out of his face.

“Well, I think it’s time to push Magneto and The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants into the past, my dear friend, and to finally look into the future of the Mutant-Human partnership.”

“Congratulations, Charles Xavier. I have no idea how you’ve done all of this… keeping up with the X-Men charade, finally admitting you were a mutant in front of live television… you’re a far greater man than I can ever be,” Kelly paused, and brushed his hair out of his face again. “This time tomorrow the act will be passed and Homo sapiens novus will finally be able to live without fear or hatred.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kelly. You have no idea what this means to me and my students.” Xavier grinned, finally happy to have his dream come true.

“Please, Charles. Call me Robert.”




As the crowd’s cheer grew louder and louder, a man with a trench coat and dark sunglasses came in and walked all the way up to the top of the seats. He sat down and began watching the show with everyone else.

I remember the days before I was part of the ‘Avengers’, I was an act in a circus, too. The man started to think to himself. I wasn’t part of this particular circus, but I had my good times as well as the bad. I had a brother who was with me for a while. Before he left the circus, he always tried watching out for me. I never did him good. One day I will.

For now, though, I think I’ll actually take a vacation for once.

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

“Dammit, which pocket did I leave my cell phone in now? Here we go. Hello?”

“Hawkeye. S.H.I.E.L.D. Now.”


“Guess that vacation will have to wait.”


Nelson and Murdock.

“The Kingpin’s gone, Matt, it’s time to celebrate!” The plump figure of Foggy Nelson darted around the office.

“I don’t care that the Kingpin’s gone, Foggy,” Matt Murdock grunted, fidgeting with his glasses. “I’m more concerned with what’s going to happen now that he’s gone.”

“Well, there’ll be a decrease in crime rates, first of all,” Foggy explained, resting against the desk, apparently tired.

“No. The Kingpin may be gone, but the crime will still remain. There’s a position to fill, and every bum with a gun is going to be racing to fulfil it. It’ll just cause more trouble for Daredevil.”

“So, what are you going to do then?” Foggy asked, scratching his sweating face.

Murdock clenched his fist, and grimaced. “I’ll have to take the position by force.”


Coney Island.

“Isn’t this lovely Hank? It’s just you and me, and God look at that beautiful sunset,” Janet Pym told her newly reformed husband, Hank Pym, who’s been known as Ant-Man, Giant Man, and many more alter egos.

Hank replied to her, “Well, ‘Ms. Wasp’, I’ve hoped you would have loved this little date of ours. It’s my thank you gift. Because honestly, Jan, without those anger management classes, I don’t think we’d be together right now. I swear to you, honey, I am not going to miss a class. If I do, maybe you can kick my ***.”

“Well, let’s not worry about that right now, although I am very proud of you. I do wish there was something else to this great private ride down the beach, though,” suggested Jan as she tried to make herself comfortable.

“Oh yeah, what’s that, babe?”

“Maybe you could’ve given these ants some seats or something? My goodness are they itchy! Just because we’re an inch tall doesn’t make them any better on us.” Hank proceeded to laugh at Jan, who then joined in with the laughter, too.


One Year Later.


The Helicarrier.

Colonel Fury was examining the data Hawkeye had stolen from an AIM base on one of the Helicarrier’s monitors when it happened. He was deep in thought over the new weapons MODOK had been trying to develop, when a red light suddenly began to flash.

“Who in the hell is sending me a message at this time of night?” Fury chewed on his cigar, and started the message.

A hologram instantly appeared on a panel, and Fury’s eyes suddenly widened. The hologram was of Victor von Doom – Doctor Doom himself. The dictator of Latveria hadn’t been seen in an entire year, just like every other supervillain. And yet here he was.

“Colonel Fury,” the metallic voice of the Doctor echoed throughout the area. Doom was sitting on his throne, with the palm of his hands pressed together. Fury could make out the pure evil glowing in Doom’s eyes.

“Doom… what the hell do you want?” Fury grumbled, waiting for an answer.

“I come to deliver a message, Colonel. I’m sure you are aware of the strange occurrences the latest year has suffered from. Among them, the disappearance of every major supervillain on the planet.”

“And? What’s it to you?”

“You see, over the past year, I have assembled all of these supervillains, and have built an army powerful enough to rival Odin himself. We are ready to declare war on the superhuman population and will take the planet as our prize.” Doom’s cold, steel mask showed no emotion, but Fury could tell Doom was grinning underneath.

“You know me, Doom,” Fury smiled. “You know I won’t let this happen.”

“I thought as much,” Doom’s hands moved, and his right arm moved towards a button on the armrest of his throne. “Hence why I cannot allow you to live, Colonel. Consider this the first strike.” Doom pressed the button, and the hologram disappeared.

“Holy…” Fury started, but it was too late. Monitors and screens all over the Helicarrier were replaced by glowing red numbers… 60.

“Self destruct, imminent.” The computers started beeping, and agents all over the Helicarrier moved into position. Fury leapt out of his chair, as the computers begun the countdown, and shouted to nearby agents.

“Dugan, tell everyone on board to get to the nearest escape pods!” Fury shouted and pointed at Dugan, his right hand man, who immediately leapt out and performed his duty. “Carter, redirect all power to the main boosters!”

“What? What the hell for, sir?” Carter fired back, disobeyed a direct command.

“Ignore me again, Carter, and I’ll kill you myself,” Fury grinned insanely, “now do what I tell you, now!”

Carter begun pressing buttons as Fury ran to the pilot seat, and took control. Dugan and Carter appeared right behind him.

“Nick, you’re insane. What the hell are you doing?” Dugan asked his friend.

“We’re right over New York City, Dugan,” Fury explained. “We have to clear it, or otherwise thousands of people are going to die.”

Fury pushed the throttle forward, and the Helicarrier burst forward, as the boosters were turned up to full speed.

“That’s done now, Fury,” Carter pleaded, “The computer can handle the rest. Let’s go!”

Fury turned towards Carter and smiled. “A captain always goes down with his ship.”

Exactly fifteen seconds later, the Helicarrier exploded, and turned into a flaming missile of destruction. However, instead of hitting the city, the ship landed on the outskirts of it, saving thousands of lives… except one.

Nick Fury was dead.


To Be Continued

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You know...

...I admit that I was rather unimpressed by the hype...

...but this is nice. Look forward to more.


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Now THATS what I'm talking about!!! You guys are definately a perfect duo. Craig's description [presumably], ice's dialogue [presumably]. Good job, guys. The only things that springs up are issues with tense so you may want to check it and I understand that you [Luis] spent some good time on the cover, but while cool, I don't think it matches the intensity of what this book is about.


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Now THATS what I'm talking about!!! You guys are definately a perfect duo. Craig's description [presumably], ice's dialogue [presumably]. Good job, guys. The only things that springs up are issues with tense so you may want to check it and I understand that you [Luis] spent some good time on the cover, but while cool, I don't think it matches the intensity of what this book is about.
The covers weren't meant to portray anything like that, like the posters were. The covers are actually just a little...easter egg, you could say.


Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s

PART TWO: “Phase Two”
By Craig M. & Luis C.

New York City.

The SHIELD Helicarrier had exploded, and crashed on the outskirts of New York City. Hundreds of SHIELD agents rained from the skies, all in escape pods and vehicles, while even more lay injured and dead around the area. The dead bodies… screaming… flames… destruction… chaos. It was like a gruesome scene ripped straight out of World War II, just to plague Steve Rogers. He tried to move, but he could not find the strength to. A tear slowly rolled down his cheek.

“Mr. Rogers, sir,” a black suited bodyguard ran up to him, “You shouldn’t be in this area, sir.”

“Forget about the candidacy,” Steve spat, “This is what really matters. These are innocent Americans, and this is American soil.” Steve ripped off his shirt, and threw it at the bodyguard. “This is America, mister, and they don’t need a president… they need a captain.”

Steve ran off to assist the other heroic men and women attempting to help the injured. In the distance, The Thing lifted a large sheet of metal off a SHIELD agent, and tossed it to the side. Thor called down the rains to quell the raging fires. Mister Fantastic used his stretching abilities to squeeze into hard to reach gaps, and managed to retrieve agents that were still trapped inside. The Fantastic Four and some of the former Avengers were here helping… and Steve was sure he even saw Spider-Man and The X-Men helping with the wounded. Everyone was playing their part… but where was Fury?

Steve ran to the nearest SHIELD agent, one of the lucky few who could still walk. Steve grasped the young agent by the shoulders, and asked: “Fury? Where is Fury?”

“We don’t know!” The young man nervously answered. “The only trace of him are his LMDs…”

“LMDs?” Steve asked, wondering what these had to do with Colonel Nick Fury, commander of SHIELD.

“His Life Model Decoys, designed by Tony Stark himself.” The agent pointed to a sparking robot duplicate of Nick Fury, which had a piece of shrapnel in its chest.

“What about Agent 13? Sharon Carter? And Dugan? Where are they?”

“No idea,” The agent stammered, “We think they’ve all been incinerated.”

Steve’s arms fell to his side, and he slowly walked away. This was an attack… but who had done it? All of the major supervillains had been missing for a year. Who would want to kill all of these innocent people?

Steve’s knees suddenly gave in, and he fell to the ground, dumbstruck. And for the first time since Bucky died, Steve wept.


Nick Fury’s Burial Service.

Last week, Nick Fury died as the Hellicarrier crashed in the outskirts of the city. Today, he is remembered by all those who have ever known him. All the heroes were there, but in their civilian identities. Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Donald Olsen, Janet Pym, Hank Pym, Peter Parker, Matt Murdock, Stephen Strange, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Charles Xavier, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Henry McCoy, Warren Worthington III, and Bobby Drake were there to pay their respects as well as others like Gwen Stacy, Foggy Nelson, Edwin Jarvis, Wong and Harold Hogan. Not too far away, hidden among the trees was Bruce Banner, watching as the service went on.

The priest giving the ceremony stood at the head of the group, under a tree that gave them shade. He soon began the service. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

“Dear friends. We are here today to honour the life of Nicholas Fury, as well as the others who risked their lives to save us from this tragedy. Let us join together in a silent prayer.”

As everyone bowed their heads in honour, Steve Rogers could not shake the thought that this all could have been prevented.

“This is our fault,” he began to say as they ended the silent prayer. “We should have been ready. We should have been prepared for this. It’s our responsibility now to find out who did this. We owe it to Nick.”

No one said anything. But they knew Steve was right.


Castle Doom’s Dining Hall, Latveria.

The metal footsteps echoed down the stony hallway of Castle Doom, indicating that the ruler of Latveria was approaching. Cold, steel hands pushed open the giant wooden doors, and the vast room was blessed by the presence of Doctor Doom.

The group that was assembled around the table had enough power to knock the world out of orbit. Doom marvelled at the force he had assembled.

Namor, Prince of Atlantis, leaned against a wall, looking like he had better things to do.

Mole Man kneeled on the floor, muttering among his deformed creatures.

A few Skrull warriors stood tall, with a young Super Skrull constantly igniting his arm.

Magneto sat at the table, his fingers pursed, with his Brotherhood standing behind him, waiting patiently.

Baron Zemo and the Red Skull eyed Magneto carefully; unsure of what was going to happen.

Loki shifted reality, constantly changing his appearance.

The Mandarin fiddled with the rings on his fingers, while The Kingpin asked him about a business arrangement.

Kang rolled a small statue of himself in his palm.

The Green Goblin sat still, the wild card of the bunch.

Doctor Octopus moved around the table, his metal arms easily manoeuvring around the fellow villains. The rest of the Sinister Six followed.

The Leader scratched his enlarged skull, while the Abomination grunted behind him.

And this was only a fraction of the force Doom had assembled in the missing year. He looked off to the side, where a mysterious shadow flickered upon the wall. He knew the others could not see it, so it would cause alarm if he was to approach it just now. He passed it, and instead gathered the attention of the army he had assembled.

He stood there for a few seconds, letting them bask in his presence. He then addressed them. “Welcome to Latveria! You all know I have brought you here for a reason… and now we are ready. The war has begun. Phase One was successful. Now it’s time to initiate Phase Two.”



“Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can,” Spider-Man sung to himself as he swung through the streets of Queens, New York.

“Whoever made that up was genius. But man, it’s nice to be back in costume. Maybe I should pick something up for MJ on the way home,” he said to himself. But what Spider-Man didn’t know was that he was not to see MJ. As he continued to swing, a lightning bolt appeared from nowhere and struck Spider-Man making him fall to the ground. He fell in between two buildings and hit the stairs on each side on the way down, hitting the ground hard and breaking a bone or two in the process. Spider-Man tried to get up, but a metal arm quickly grabbed him by the neck.

“Down came the rain and washed the spider out. I never did finish the nursery rhyme.”


“No more games, Octavius. He wants them now,” said a man from the top of one of the stairs. It was Kraven the Hunter. He took out a blow dart from his shirt and shot Spider-Man in the chest, rendering him unconscious.

“Grab him and let’s go,” commanded Kraven.


The Baxter Building.

It was night and everyone was sleeping. Even Johnny was dozing off, murmuring in his sleep in front of the TV that was left on. Everything was quiet until something broke from afar, waking Johnny up.

“Huh? Wuzzat?” Johnny rubbed his eyes as he stood up and went to find out what the sound was. “Ben, is that you? Are you trying to eat the fridge- what the? Okay, who left the door to the roof opened again? Damn draft. Wait. Is someone up there? Hello?” Johnny went to investigate.

Sue was nice and cuddly with Reed as they slept peacefully in their bedroom. But even they know that peace never lasts for very long…


Both Sue and Reed quickly jump out of bed and got dressed in a hurry.

“Run Sue! That’s the roof!”

They got to the roof as quickly as they could to find Johnny hanging limp by none other then Namor, King of Atlantis.

“Namor, you bastard! Let him go!” yelled Sue as she ran towards him. Unfortunately for her, Namor was not alone. As she went to reach for Namor, a mysterious figure leaped through the air behind her. Sue was shot in the back and fell down.

“SUE!” cried out Reed as he was then joined by Ben.

“Oh, don’t go crying now. She isn’t dead,” said the man who shot Sue. Reed and Ben turned around to find Kang the Conqueror.

“Oh, it’s clobberin’ time!” Ben screamed as he charged towards Kang.

“Ya couldn’t be more right, ya rocky freak,” someone said as Ben was hit by some unseen force. Two figures began to show as they were invisible before. It was the Juggernaut and a Super Skrull.

“Let’s put the dog down quickly. I ain’t got all night,” Juggernaut said as he and the Skrull went after Ben. They quickly took care of him as the Super Skrull held Ben in a tight invisible bubble and Juggernaut hit him with one hard sucker punch to the face, making him fall down, defeated. Namor threw Johnny on top of the others and joined the others as they surrounded Reed…


Avengers Mansion.

There is an explosion. Wood and brick shoot through the air like birds, while the rampaging fire flicked and spat at the night. Immediately, rain begun to fall out of the sky, combating the blaze. Lightning striked the middle of the destroyed mansion, and Thor, the mighty Norse God of Thunder appeared.

“Who dares mess with the friends of Odinson?” He boomed, and the answer came in the form of a stone mace. Absorbing Man swung the ball and chain around, pounding Thor in the back. He fell out of the sky, and hit the ground, where the fiend continued to hit him over and over.

By this time, the other Avengers had realised what had happened, and burst out of the building. Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne appeared, coughing… but not from the smoke. Hank could smell something… different. Some kind of gas. Before he could analyse exactly what it was, the pair were unconscious as Baron Zemo stood over the pair of unconscious bodies.

Steve Rogers grabbed his shield and leaped over a fallen banister. He dived through an intact window, causing the glass to shatter everywhere. He landed on the grass, and rolled. He jumped up out of the roll and hurled his shield at Baron Zemo. Baron Zemo dodged just in time, and as Steve went to tackle him, Abomination appeared out of nowhere. Before Steve could react, Abomination’s massive scaly arm slammed in Steve’s chest, winding him. The gigantic beast slammed his fists into Steve’s back, enjoying the sound of Steve’s cries.

Meanwhile, in the basement level of the mansion, sealed away from the fire, Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit went online. He didn’t like using his friends as distractions, but it was the only way this plan was going to work.

“Hogan,” Tony Stark said, his voice amplified through the suit, “Gather Jarvis and the others and board the Quinjet. Go to our London branch.”

Iron Man’s boots powered up, and he then rocketed out of the lab. The system kept constantly trying to alert him of his stock droppings, but he had no time for business now. He noticed Baron Zemo, Abomination and Absorbing Man standing over his fallen friends, and launched towards them. He activated his weapons systems and prepared to fire… and then realised he was no longer in the suit.

Instead, he was covered in dozens of highly venomous snakes. Before Tony could scream, he fell out of the sky and dislocated his shoulder against the hard earth. Loki clicked his fingers, turning the snakes back into the separated parts of the Iron Man suit.

He laughed, and then they all disappeared.


The Xavier Institute.

The old mansion was illuminated in a flash of light as a bus was thrown through its windows. Bobby Drake, who had been playing video games late at night, immediately iced up and froze the bus in place.

“I am so cool.”

“Bobby, watch out!” Cyclops commanded, as he leaped over a fallen sofa and pushed Bobby out of the way. A giant Sentinel attempted to enter the mansion through the gaping hole in the wall, but Cyclops fired a warning shot with his optic beam.

The Sentinel slowly faded away after it was hit, and Cyclops then realised that it was just an illusion. Hank, Warren and Jean entered the room, awoken from their sleep.

“Jean, get the Professor! It’s the Brotherhood--” Cyclops tongue suddenly stopped moving. He felt something in his neck, and reached up with his hand. He felt a cold, steel syringe embedded in his neck, but before he could pull it out, his eyes became heavy and he fell.

Magneto floated into the mansion, with Mastermind and the Scarlet Witch behind him. Quicksilver immediately burst into the room.

“Xavier’s down,” He grinned.

Magneto mused. “It seems Doom’s theory of using Wanda’s probably powers to increase our changes of winning this battle was correct. I’m going to have to keep my eye on him…”

The villains gathered the fallen mutants and teleported away.


Hell’s Kitchen.

The Green Goblin cackled as he shot after the red vigilante evading him. Daredevil leaped between buildings, constantly dodging the Goblin’s pumpkin bombs. He felt the heat of a bomb close behind him, and used his billy clubs to grasp a pole and to gain a higher altitude. He needed to get away--

Daredevil felt the pumpkin bomb explode against his right arm, blowing him off the rooftop. He fell 2 stories into a pile of garbage bags. He winced as he felt his ribs crack and his leg snap. He couldn’t move, but he could hear the constant whir of the Goblin’s glider and his insane laugh as he moved closer. He saw the Goblin get another pumpkin bomb out of his ridiculous little bag and knew it was all over.


Castle Doom’s Throne Room, Latveria.

Now that Doom was alone in his throne room, he was able to communicate with the mysterious shadow, which flickered along the walls.

“Mephisto,” Doom whispered. The shadow morphed into a demonic figure that Doom recognized. “Do you accept?”

Mephisto mused quietly. “I’ll give you what you want… but I want all of their souls in return.”

“You’ll get them, as all will go according to plan.”

Mephisto smiled. “And how can a simple human such as yourself be sure that your plan will work?”

“I am anything but simple, father of Blackheart. I have planned this all out to the 49th decimal point. I know Richards like the back of my hand.”

“Then I’ll be ready. As long as you keep your word.” Mephisto cackled as he reverted back to the shadows.

“Foolish demon. Doom always keeps his word.”


To Be Continued