Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of The Patriots Discussion *Spoilers*

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Jan 27, 2005
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This is for people playing the game and there will be spoilers.

I am up to the point where I just ran into Meryl and her unit and defeated the frogs.

This is awesome. Better than I could hope. It is much harder to hide in this. I love it.
IGN gave this a perfect 10 across the board

I wasn't gonna buy this because i'm not a Metal Gear-head, but I just might
I played untill 2:00am this morning, I didn't want to stop. I'm a little ways into the 2nd act and I've been blown away already. Everything works so well.

I think IGN said it best:

Buy this game. I don't care if the gameplay in the past titles didn't appeal to you, I don't care if long cutscenes scare you, and I don't care if you're broke.
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the best reason to own a PlayStation 3 thus far.
I'd say the best way is to state where you are in the game, and then post what you're going to say in spoiler tags. That keeps everyone safe.


I'm in Act 2.
I just killed a bunch of guys.

I also read the spoiler summary last night (since I will probably never get to play this) and it sounds pretty insane.
Act 3 just finished loading.

This is awesome.

The Vamp-Raiden fight was extremely epic. I'm off to meet Big Mama.
Wow, from what I've heard about this game, it's pretty ****ing epic. And I'd probably buy a PS3 just to play it. Some reviewer for Playstation Magazine said that it's on his "top 10" best video games of all time - is it really that ****ing good?
I don't have a PS3 or the game, but I just finished watching the cutscenes on Youtube.

It was awesome.
Yes it is that epic.

I am currently in Act 4...

When I returned to ******* SHADOW FREAKIN MOSES. It is a trip.

Snake is so old and beat up in this. It's hard to realize that this is the man that went toe to toe with superninja Gray Fox.

He got his *** handled to him by Liquid. Than he pulled a Two-Face and got half of his faced burned.

I am stuck fighting Crying Wolf. It wouldn't be so bad if there were not so many people around.
I just pulled an all nighter. I'm about to fight Screaming Mantis but I'm too tired to play anymore.

This game is unbelievable.

I beat it yesterday. One of the best games I've ever played.

How everything ties in, the nostalgia trips, the perfect ending. . .it all played out wonderfully.

My only complaints were that some of the cutscenes were WAY too long and the over reliance of
as a plot device. It was a bit too much. Still, I enjoyed it immensely.
HOLY !#%@!!!!!!!!

This game is an epic masterpiece!!!!!!!!! I'm currently nearing the end I think. In a boss battle with Screaming Mantis. This game is just so &^@&!&* awesome!!!!

And one of the many many things that i enjoyed about this game so far is
Snake getting to operate Metal Gear Rex against Liquid in Metal Gear Ray
I just finished Act 4.


Liquid's fake out when hilarious. Poor Raiden. They really worked to make him more badass. And he is. But I am certain I will get his sword now. **** YEAH.

One act to go. Screaming Mantis and Liquid. Here I come.

Let me get this straight...

You actually get to
pilot a Metal Gear

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