My Collection and Recommendations!


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Aug 7, 2005
Cape Cod, MA
Hey all! decided it would take a loooong time to type up all the books, so i just took some pics and posted them! You can save them and then magnify for a better pic if u have trouble seeing the names.... would love to hear some recommendations on what to buy next!





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Ultimates said:
Look on row 4, Kingdom Come is there.... also, was Marvel 1602 good?

Marvel 1602 for a epic mindblowing geek story.

Hellblazer - Staring At The Wall for great gritty demon action. The payoff was freakin awesome.

Death - The Cost Of Living for a good nice read on a sunday afternoon.

and X-men Phoenix Endsong for amazing art and one of the best X-men stories ever.

and I'm hell of jealous for you set.
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thee great one said:
What's so great about Invinible?

It's a quality silver age-like superhero book, with consistent writing and art.
TheManWithoutFear said:
Ha! That might've been one of the single greatest posts ever. Same would apply if it was said to Ice. Good stuff.


Daredevil still sucks though. :)
Yea, I def. wanna finish on the hellblazer books... and will def. be looking into the books u guys recommended. Its funny though, I bought that bookshelf in June 05' to put stuff on, and at that time I only could fill MAYBE 1/2 of the top shelf with graphic novels, and even then I was like "wow, im really starting to collect them!", and now Im almost filled up the and now Ive almost filled the fourth rung, and yet still feel I have SO many books still to get.... which is a very good thing.... I also think soon im gonna get another bookshelf so i can do Marvel on one, and DC on another.... which is funny also, I remember mid 90's, I used to HATE DC, just didnt want anything with them, but I really think they do an amazing job with the characters now, I just think that they work differently.... Marvel works more on developing who the person is BEHIND the mask, whereas DC focuses more on the superhero the person is.