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Victor Von Doom

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Oct 19, 2005
On The Edge
So I'm getting a new dog. I know that some of you are thrilled about this news and are about to go insane from sheer excitement. I ask that you compose yourselves at this time. yeah...I'm getting a new dog. Mostly for the reasoning of The Captain needs someone other than me and his girlfriend Brandy to play with. I mean I'm gone all day and he's cooped up in the kitchen with nothing but the sounds of The Chili Peppers, Green Day, Wolfmother or whatever rock band the local rock station plays all day. Then I come home and will play with him for about 30 minutes before its time to cook dinner and relax for the evening. And that's if I'm just chilling at home for the night. That doesn't even include the time he spends confined to kitchen when it's Lady Time.

I've been thinking about getting him a buddy for a while now but never really found the right dog.............until now. There's a lady on base who's got the same breed as The Captain. Only this dog is like 7 pounds heavier than The Captain. It's all to the good. Plus the timing is perfect. I can't take him until after Wizard World....and they aren't leaving for Cali until Aug. But I can get him anytime after WW.

So just like the last time.....I'm calling on the UC to help name my dog. I mean look how awesome the last one turned out!


I wantd to go with a couple choices from my other favorite author --- Garth Ennis. So I picked 2 of my favorite characters he's made.

So here's a picture of the new dog. Note---it's not the actual dog....but despite the different breed....the look is damn near identical. And it's a boy.

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call him ButterDog!
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The Doom Dog!!!
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The Captain and The Colonel has a nice ring to it. Otherwise, pick Barracuda.
I gave serious thought to The Colonel. But I didn't want to go with a seemingly military theme.

Most people see me in uniform with him and when they hear The Captain....they think military. But as we all know he's named after Ellis' great NEXTWAVE character.

I'm thinking Barracuda.

But still.....I implore you all for your advice. And drop the Tenille jokes. It ain't happening. Ever.
How about Houde? I just would find it funny if you say "No Houde, you dont that inside, Bad Houde"

Or Professor Houdenmeyer
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If you're going with Barracuda you might as well name it Nancy Wilson of Heart's Killer Guitar Riff, because that's all I'll think about everytime you mention it.

You need to read Punisher MAX Vol.6.....or the current Punisher MAX:Barracuda mini that's going on right now. That'll make you forget about Heart. This is how hardcore Barracuda is.

But for the record....I totally have that guitar riff as a ringtone on my phone. It's reserved for only the foxiest of vixens.

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