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Aug 4, 2006
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Does anyone else do this? I found it yesterday. Basically, you create your own nation, and then you can interact with other ones. There are regions that you can join, so you can play with others.

I created a region for those here that want to do this. Simply titled "Ultimate Central", we can all see whoes nation becomes top.


to join the Ultimate Central region, just click on Pacific, and leave the region for another. Then enter Ultimate Central in the search function.
I just joined as the Confederacy of Monster Mountain, can you provide a link for the UC region? I couldn't find it.

Edit: Never mind I got it.
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I used to have one...

Time to found a new nation :D

I really need something to do while I'm off work.

Oh, and Jennifer Government was a decent read, if anyone was wondering.

EDIT: The United Socialist States of Goatdale has been founded. :D
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haha. My currency is the woman.

Lol. :lol:

Sorry, it's just a dumb joke.

But really, it is.
The Armed Republic of Tynland is up and running...

We should do the whole thing where we all live in the same region, like we did last time.
I would definitely live in Kalickistan.

My neighbor Joe kalicki is pain in my *******s.

He is a tupid Vanilla Face. Seriously he pastes a picture of vanilla face on his window. We export retards to U S and A for presidential elections. NUmber one export! High Five! Our president is Gamma Man.

How the heck did buttmonkey become UN delegate?

I say we hold elections right now!

Vote West Newland!

Because it's west...of the new land...yeah!

And buttmonkey eats bugs!
Which rankings are we talking about?

Initally, it uses your answers to your questions to decide your rankings, and then it begins to factor in how you decide your issues. People who care about their nation usually have high health car rankings, while those only gearing for global domination have high military resources.

These decisions also have an effect on what type of state you are (Personally, I have been almost everything from a Democratic republic to a Coporate Police state), and effects your population growth.

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