How the heck did buttmonkey become UN delegate?

I say we hold elections right now!

Vote West Newland!

Because it's west...of the new land...yeah!

And buttmonkey eats bugs!

Cower brief mortal!! For I am Death, 'gainst whom no lock will hold nor fasten'd portal bar....

and the reason I am top is that I am the top gambling industry, and thats what the ranking is for on there....

also, I rock.
**** yeah!

The Free Land of Ganjaloo is opening its borders to fellow Heads around the world. We don't want your tired, your brave, or your poor...we just want your potheads and money. Gotta fuel the economy somehow, right?

"Free to live, free to smoke!"
I say we should HAVE A WAR!

I actually played this like 2 years ago for about a week.

It was fun for a few days, but soon...real soon. I wanted to kick *** and become a fascist force to be reckoned with.

But war is damn near impossible to do. Or at least was back then. The whole game seemed pointless after a week.

Well, yeah it was RPGing the war. Which I'm not good at and the idea of talking to someone I didn't know about my RPGing a battle seemed like being a kid again with my brother.


I shot you!

No you didn't! Nah-UH!
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That is just rankings for a certain aspect of the country, not overall. I was first yesterday because by gambling industry was the best (Bass knows why...I assume its just randomized). Today Shaggolopolis has the best publishing industry, so they are first..
The Dictatorship of Moonistan is arrived.

The Comicanian Empire has declared war on Kalickistan.

The Comicanian Empire has signed an economic and militaristic alliance with the Moonistan Dictatorship.
The Holy Empire of Maxwellidor (Maxwell being my real name) has been created.

Join Kalikistan in the region of forward thinking empires and support Buttmonkey Cave. Together we shall crush pretenders to the thone of the region, defend our right with might, and make small papier mache figurines of monkeys.

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