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Dec 23, 2004
Ze Nedderlandz
Hi everybody,
I've recently started work on what is going to be a large number of pieces for all my Amesville characters, with the modelling help of a few friends. I've done a number of sketches, presented below (a bit white I'm afraid), and am looking for some feedback before I start inking, as I really want these to be my best work.

Teresa; a twisted little firestarter.

And again.

Belle; a timid deaf-mute with control over metals.

And again.

Dimunitive Anthea (or Ant) and her pet cat/mighty steed, Maxi.

Henry; invisible ladies man.

And again.

Kumiko; Japanese winged beauty.

Ben; grumpy and snide; his body generates sub zero temperatures which are dangerous to all around him.

Sorry for the picture quality, but they're only pencil sketches right now. What do you guys think?
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Updated with an inked and shaded pic of Teresa. Well, I say inked, it's really outlined, with rough block shading in pencils. Nothing too complicated, but that's how I like to keep it.

By the way, don't expect to see any of these coloured.
that cat is my hero. but i think its unfair that he doesnt have an ipod like other characters and he also needs a top hat and monacle
Updated once again. I've inked and shaded Hank and Ant, and I've changed the first Teresa a little as well; I wasn't such a huge fan of the blocked shading, so I decided to make it more gradual like the others.

To save space, I've removed the original sketches of ones I've inked already. Once I've inked and shaded all these, I'm gonna move to the second wave, with mostly new characters.
Updated with a finished pic of the first Isobel. The shading, although there, is not very apparent due to the flash of the camera, but I think it still looks pretty good.
Another update with Teresa's second shaded, and Kumi. Unfortunately, the flash once again made it hard to see most of the shading, at least the lighter shading on the skin, but I'm having trouble getting them into natural light to photo....
I really like the earbuds on the invisible buy. Very clever.

Hehe, thanks. It's only after I shaded and inked that one that I realised he now has an iPod with black earphones. Ah well.

It's unlikely I'll post anything more for a good few days, due to a colossal hangover....
Updated with a very quick sketch of Hank. Before one you smart arses points it out to me, I'll be the first to admit this is the only piece of mine that is directly based off pre-existing artwork; notably the cover to the Hellblazer: Papa Midnite mini by Ronald Wimberly. Never read the book, but when I first saw the pic I thought immediately of Hank, so did a quick little 'homage'.

I didn't spend much, if any time correcting it, so there are a few mistakes here and there, but it was never intended to be put alongside my more serious pieces.

Oh and once again the flash pretty much whites out the shading.
New picture added, Ben. I took the pic without a flash this time, and wouldn't ya know it, it's now too dark.... but it's better than too light I suppose.

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