New Comic Book Idea. Interested?


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Mar 22, 2013
Hi I am a budding author who likes to write both scripts (sometimes even adapt them into short films) and books. I came up with an idea while back that I could write in a Television series format. However, due to the nature of the idea (supernatural creatures etc.) an obvious budget would be high. But then I thought about my interest in Comic Books. And so I started to think along the lines of making it a graphic novel, not like how comic books become graphic novels once they reach the end of a storyline or reach a certain amount of issues but become an outright graphic novel. That way the end of every graphic novel would be like the end of a TV episode. I have the ideas almost completely fleshed out (I still keep going back and changing things or adding on).

But here's my problem; I can't draw to save my life. Therefore, I would like to know if anyone is interested in possibly drawing at least some concepts for me, possibly becoming the artist for it. I will not be able to pay (at least not for a little while) but later on it may lead to me paying you a fee so that I can receive your drawing services.

I also have other ideas for a new universe of superheroes which are all my own creation. So there are a lot of ideas for that as well.

Feel free to talk to me about these, and I will gladly let you know more, all you got to do is ask :D but of course all my ideas are copyright protected (just in case lol)