New Iron Man cartoon

This show sucks. Tony Stark is like a super-smart yet super-boring version of Peter Parker or Smallville Clark Kent. That's it. The only thing making him Iron Man is his suit and his name. He doesn't even build the suit because of some realization that he needs to be a superhero. He just built it for kicks and decides he's needs to be a good guy. Rhodey is the best friend ripping off Harry Osborn/Pete Ross and Pepper Potts is the girl who knows a lot of stuff and potential love interest ripping off Chloe/Gwen. Happy Hogan is the dumb jock (Flash). There's no hint of flaws with Tony which I think is what made the character endearing in the first place. Obadiah Stane is just a one-dimensional bad guy who only thinks about money and in the first episode he likes repeats it a million times. They're trying to turn Mandarin into Lex Luthor ala Smallville except he's a villain from the beginning. It's only redeeming quality is that the origin story is not as inane as Ultimate Iron Man.
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