No ongoing for DD or Ghost Rider.


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Jul 24, 2004
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As said by Joe Q:

Asked why Ghost Rider isn't getting the Ultimate treatment with an upcoming move, Quesada said that Ghost Rider was like Daredevil in that he didn't need a specific "Ultimatizing", meaning that the core of the character is the same in both universe.

Now, I'm not here to brag, or anything. So please don't think I'm posting this to hurt anyone's feelings. Just delivering the news.
They're never going to get an Ultimate ongoing. At least not while JQ is in control. :roll:
TheManWithoutFear said:
I don't understand .... :cry: :x
I can understand Joe Q's logic, but I don't think they should totally rule those out.

After all, one of the chief Ultimate Architects, Brian Michael Bendis said he's NEVER doing Ultimate Venom (although for a completely different reason that Q uses to rule out UDD or UGR), but hey look what happened!From thereon since, when Bendis is asked if he'll ever do a concept that he'd like to say NO to, he answers, "Never says never."

Of course, seeing as it was Bill Jemas who convinced him to do so, maybe it'd take Jemas' return to creative duties to make an Ultimate Daredevil possible. While some of Jemas' ideas have been notoriously nutty, he's always had a very adventurous mind. :D
TheManWithoutFear said:

Aw, c'mon big guy, cheer up. It's not that bad.

Want some candy?......No? Really?...

Well, I tried.
I understand the point of view, and I have to agree. Ghost Rider in particular is a supporting character. DD will make semi-regular appearances throughout the UU I'm sure, and Ghost Rider will pop up more than once (in time). But if you consider that the need to limit the amount of title in the line is actually a good thing, it is preferable that these characters remain in a territory that is within the current titles. Spiderman is a title that could house both of these very comfortably.
With the 4 continuing titles that exist now, none really tread on the toes of another. So this sort of containment will only serve to strengthen the integrity of the line.
Nurhachi said:
Should I feel bad that MWOF's continuous crying is making me laugh?

Nah. It's a normal reaction to laugh when others cry. Hell, I do it all the time...Whats that MWOF? You're on the verge of suicide?... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:......

*pat on back*

There, there. I'm only joking.

*pat on the back*

There, there. I feel your pain. Tell me, where does it hurt?

Oh, right there? Where your heart is?




*runs off into the distance, burning every issue of Daredevil ever made, with Joe Quesada pouring the gasoline on 'em, because I can't be bothered to do both while running*

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