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Yeah, pretty much. I like Chiklis tho, I think he has enough charm to keep the show running till it finds its feet.

Tho, mildly amused that the dad from Seventh Heaven is the Big Bad.
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just watched it on Hulu, Not bad. its interesting enough to warrant further watching
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This is on TV right now. Why on earth did they think we need yet another series about "regular people" getting superpowers, complaining about them, criticizing each other for wanting to help strangers, and resolving not to use their powers. Julie Benz running at super-speed in slo-mo in a business suit is the most cringe-worthy thing I've seen on TV all month.

Have all the character's powers be absorbed into Chiklis.
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at the end of the episode the kid is reading a Wolverine #43 (Civil War edition) not reading but using it to hide some science book.

it wasn't a bad 2nd episode, I was starting to like the stuck up ***** cop before that one guy "took care" of her. and slow motion thing sucks ass, now that its been pointed out to me. thanks alot Planet-man

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that wasn't the spoiler'ish part, it was the pointing out of how crappy the slow-motion thing is.
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i could see her mole/pimple/boil on her face..... and it started to creep me out.

no need to apologize for something like that
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I have dropped this show, it was too much ABC family and wife-lady pissed me off every episode.
it had a decent enough premise to carry it past the pilot, and probably will. I loved the ending to the last episode.

Where a guy who lost his kid in a killing in a park is going Vigilante on meth junkies and muggers by killing them in the same park. but in the end he gets shot dead by the cops. sad.

but those 5 secs don't make for the rest of the crappy episode.

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