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Jun 29, 2006
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well i thought i'd make a thread for this series now that it is no longer inolved in Annihilation/Initiative/Conquest anymore.

#8 was the first issue to not be involved in a crossover (well technically #1 wasn't either but whatever) and i thought it was just fantastic, i highly recomend this issue. In the last issue, Nova found himself being ejected from the Phalanx force field that is surround the entirety of Kree space, he now finds himself on the complete opposite side of the universe

This issue opens with Nova finding himself within some weird Spaceship floating in the middle of nowhere, the Worldmind cannot identify where they are or recognize symbols on the interior walls. He finds a strange blue woman crying in fear by herself, he tries to find out who she is, where they are, and she keeps saying that she's frightened, she turns and looks at him and she begin's to rot and she attacks him, Nova fires a shot that should only stun her but she get's vaporized instead.It turns out the woman was Suspensor a member of a super-team called the Luminals from a planet called Xarth-Three, the rest of this team show's up and attacks Nova for killing their teammate, since he is only running at 17% power because the majority of his power is fighting of the Phalanx virus he can't handle their attack and flee's. After escaping the Luminal's attack Nova comes across a dog, a telepathic-astronaut-russian-dog named Cosmo, Cosmo tells Nova what is happening and that the ship the are trapped in is not what Nova thinks it is, it's actually the floating head of a decapitated celestial this place is called Knowwhere. Finally the worldmind tranlates the symbols and they appear to be numbers that are counting down, elsewhere the Luminals are shown talking to a large black coffin thing which is apparently an evil being they are imprisoning here, this being is also counting down and when he reaches zero, all the Luminals are turned into zombie creatures.

a great issue, i want Cosmo to get his own series now, he is so damn cool (Bob: Agent of Hydra featuring Cosmo the Space-Dog!), Wellington Alves pencils really add to the eerie atmosphere that is being conveyed here, all together it was a great issue and a good start for this series to finally be cross-over free for awhile

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I really like this series, I think it's one of the better new Marvel series from the last couple of years. Never thought I'd like Nova but the changes to his character and situation have kept my interest.

Plus, Cosmo!! I love Cosmo!! Cosmo mini-series now!!
I should check this out. I really liked Annihilation and a big part of that was how good Nova was in it.


Wellinton Alves is being replaced by Paul Pelletier for interiors, and Adi Granov is being replaced by ALEX MALEEV on covers, and Nova is heading back into Annihilation Conquest!

*does happy dance*
I'm really hesitant about the new stuff, I'm like it but I can see this back firing big time if it falls apart

and this series is getting a little too dependant on last page hooks

It's still easily one of marvels best books
Nova #24 preview

You know, Richard as Quasar, it just works for me. Seems like a great fit, I'm really interested to see where this goes.

I really enjoy how DnA have basically embraced the fact that Nova is a glorified Green Lantern knock-off instead of cowering away from it, cause it's not a bad thing. Even Divito sees it, in the panels with Richard using Quasar's powers the Quasar emblem is made out of energy floating above the logo on the uniform, much like how Van Sciver does with the Green Lantern logo.
So the Nova Corps get dismantled by the Shiar Guard.

Oh well. Kinda weak.

And then the new Quasar powered Richard shows up and finds out what is in the center of Ego.
I didn't even know who that was. I don't know anything about Nova before Annihilation.

He's kinda like the "Evil-Nova"

He stole the entire Nova Force and fought the Avengers at some point, then he went insane, he's the reason why worldmind had to take all those precautions and such when Richie took over the entire Nova force.

and also it's Robbie Rider thats gonna fight Strontian, he injected himself between Ravenous and Strontian

Basically its Pre-Annihilation Richie stuck in a fight between the Silver Surfer and Supergirl

He's hysterically out-gunned

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