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moonmaster said:
Kids shouldn't have to watch mindnumbing crap. I had to watch "Sharkboy and Lava Girl" with my cousins. I couldn't believe how terrible it was. Kids movies can actually be good, they just rarely are these days.

That film was insanely horrible. I know someone my age though who's seen it twice when it was in the theaters. I think he has some problems. :)

moonmaster said:
Kids shouldn't watch the same cliche, recycled garbage over and over again. Kids' movies should actually spark their imagination and show them things they've never seen before, not fart jokes and talking CGI animals.

An example of a great kids' movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I watched it so many times when I was little that I practically memorized the lines. And you know what's so great about it? It doesn't look like any other kids' movie I'd ever seen. The humor was wild and strange, and there was a real sense of danger and consequence. Spirited Away is another excellent movie that all kids should own. It's smart and it's original and it has 100 times more magic and wonder than any of the CGI ****fests that seem to come out every single week.

Spirited Away is up there with The Incredibles as my favorite animated film of all time.

As for Willy Wonka, despite the fact that I own the VHS and have seen it who knows how many times, it's nowhere near my top 10 live-action kids films.

And for everyone else, I will try to follow up on Sky High, but seeing as how most of my other arguments for you guys to see or read things that are really good have failed to work (Except for "Hoodwinked!"; thanks Houde), I'm really not looking forward to trying this time. For now, all I can say is rent it and see for yourself.
Ice said:
No, because I didn't watch it. I meant exactly what I said. :roll:

Wait 'til you watch it then.

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