Order the 4 on-going titles (best to worst)


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Dec 24, 2004
Kind of lame, I know, but I'm interested in knowing how people here, in general, regard the 4 on-going ultimate titles, relative to each other. I also understand that this often begs 'qualification' (i.e. loved the Millar UXM, hated the BKV UXM, or whatever), but just in general..... best to worst?

For me


USM is a distant 4th, which is really no slight, since I enjoy the other 3 so much. Being a comic fan's 4th favourite comic is really not a bad thing.


what about you?
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The Ultimates

Ultimate X-Men (I suppose)
Ultimate Fantastic Four (I can't really pick 'em apart - I've not really enjoyed either for about a year)

Ultimate Spider-Man (I don't even read the damn thing anymore)
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Ultimate Spider-man
Ultimate X-men
And Ultimate Fantastic Four (i think ultimate FF, and ultimate SM can be switched around some arcs)
Pandrio said:
You should have waited with those first three posted until another ten or so posts, then put in USM.
You're right, I should've. :(
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Ultimate X-Men
Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ultimate Spider-Man

I honestly don't know why everyone hates UFF so much... I think it's a bit out there, but good nonetheless. And USM hasn't been really good in a looooooooooong time.
The Ultimates (It's great)
Ultimate X-Men (It's okay)
Ultimate Fantastic Four (Same here)

Farts (They're good)

Ultimate Spider-Man (It sucks)
This changes for me constantly, but as of right now, right this second:

Ultimate Spider-Man
Ultimate Fantastic Four
Ultimate X-Men.

Ultimate X-Men has already taken a big step back because of Ultimate X4.
Ultimates (Best comic out there. Period.)

Ultimate Fantastic Four (I honestly don't know what's up with the recent UFF bashing. The Fantastic Four are supposed to be WAY out there. That's the point of the comic.)

Ultimate X-men (Actually, UXM and UFF is almost a tie. Only Bendis' run dissapointed, while Millar and Vaughan's were genius. And I have faith Kirkman and Singer will keep the title fresh.)

Ultimate Spider-Man (Has had it's share of ups and downs. I'm glad the title is on an upswing, but how long can it last?)
Lynx said:
I agree. X4 should not be considered part of the main title.

It came out in place of Ultimate X-Men this month.

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