It's not a real Earth number. "TRN" is a fan term used by the wiki. Technically it could be the same universe as the Spider-Verse tie-in comic (Earth-7831).
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If you force all the animated shows into one timeline, you get this kinda mess, lol.

X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #1, "Hope You Survive the Experience"
X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #2, "Here Comes Tomorrow"
X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #3, "Those Who Help Themselves"
X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #4, "Love is a Battlefield"
X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #5, "Head Games"
X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #6, "Ten Out of Ten"
X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #7, "Kelly's Heroes"
X-Men '92: Infinite Comics #8, "Evolution"
X-Men '92 #1, "Let the Game Begin"

X-Men '92 #2, "Young Blood"
X-Men '92 #3, "The World is a Vampire"
X-Men '92 #4, "Pages from the Book of Sin"
X-Men '92 #5, "The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix: The Last X-Men"
X-Men '92 #6, "Lilapalooza"
X-Men '92 #7, "Homesick Alien Blues"
X-Men '92 #8, "The Twelve"
X-Men '92 #9, "A Force To Be Reckoned With"
X-Men '92 #10, "Earth X"

Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #3
X-Men '92: House of XCII #1
X-Men '92: House of XCII #2
X-Men '92: House of XCII #3
X-Men '92: House of XCII #4
X-Men '92: House of XCII #5

X-Men 1x01, "Night of the Sentinels, Part I"
X-Men 1x02, "Night of the Sentinels, Part II"
X-Men 1x03, "Enter Magneto"
X-Men 1x04, "Deadly Reunions"
X-Men 1x05, "Captive Hearts"
X-Men 1x06, "Cold Vengeance"
X-Men 1x07, "Slave Island"
X-Men 1x08, "The Unstoppable Juggernaut"
X-Men 1x09, "The Cure"
X-Men 1x10, "Come the Apocalypse"

X-Men 1x11, "Days of Future Past, Part I"
X-Men 1x12, "Days of Future Past, Part II"
X-Men 1x13, "The Final Decision"
X-Men 2x01, "Till Death Do Us Part, Part One"
X-Men 2x02, "Till Death Do Us Part, Part Two"
X-Men 2x03, "Whatever It Takes"
X-Men 2x04, "Red Dawn"
X-Men 2x05, "Repo Man"
X-Men 2x06, "X-Ternally Yours"

X-Men 2x07, "Time Fugitives - Part One"
X-Men 2x08, "Time Fugitives - Part Two"
X-Men 2x09, "A Rogue's Tale"
X-Men 2x10, "Beauty and the Beast"
X-Men 2x11, "Mojovision"
X-Men 2x12, "Reunion - Part One"
X-Men 2x13, "Reunion - Part Two"
X-Men 3x01, "Out of the Past - Part I"
X-Men 3x02, "Out of the Past - Part II"
X-Men 3x03, "The Phoenix Saga - Part I: Sacrifice"
X-Men 3x04, "The Phoenix Saga - Part II: The Dark Shroud"
X-Men 3x05, "The Phoenix Saga - Part III: Cry of the Banshee"
X-Men 3x06, "The Phoenix Saga - Part IV: The Starjammers"
X-Men 3x07, "The Phoenix Saga - Part V: Child of Light"
X-Men 5x08, "No Mutant is an Island"
X-Men 3x09, "Obsession"
X-Men 5x10, "Longshot"
X-Men 3x11, "Cold Comfort"
X-Men 3x12, "Savage Land, Savage Heart - Part 1"
X-Men 3x13, "Savage Land, Savage Heart - Part 2"
X-Men 3x14, "Dark Phoenix, Part I: Dazzled"
X-Men 3x15, "The Dark Phoenix - Part II: The Inner Circle"
X-Men 3x16, "The Dark Phoenix - Part III: The Dark Phoenix"
X-Men 3x17, "The Dark Phoenix - Part IV: The Fate of the Phoenix"
X-Men 3x18, "Orphan's End"
X-Men 3x19, "Love in Vain"

Iron Man 1x01, "And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead"
Iron Man 1x02, "Rejoice! I Am Ultimo, Thy Deliverer"
Iron Man 1x03, "Data In Chaos Out"
Iron Man 1x04, "Silence My Companion, Death My Destination"
Iron Man 1x05, "The Grim Reaper Wears A Teflon Coat"
Iron Man 1x06, "Enemy Without, Enemy Within"
Iron Man 1x07, "The Origin of the Mandarin"
Iron Man 1x09, "Iron Man To The Second Power, Part 1"
Iron Man 1x10, "Iron Man To The Second Power, Part 2"
Iron Man 1x08, "The Defection of Hawkeye"
Iron Man 1x11, "Origin of Iron Man, Part 1"
Iron Man 1x12, "Origin of Iron Man, Part 2"
Iron Man 1x13, "The Wedding of Iron Man"

Fantastic Four 1x03, "Now Comes the Sub-Mariner"
Fantastic Four 1x01, "The Origin of the Fantastic Four, Part One"
Fantastic Four 1x02, "The Origin of the Fantastic Four - Part II"
Fantastic Four 1x04, "Incursion of the Skrulls"
Fantastic Four 1x05, "The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus, Part 1"
Fantastic Four 1x06, "The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus, Part 2"
Fantastic Four 1x07, "Super Skrull"
Fantastic Four 1x08, "The Mask of Doom, Part I"
Fantastic Four 1x09, "The Mask of Doom, Part II"
Fantastic Four 1x10, "The Mask of Doom - Part III"
Fantastic Four 1x11, "Mole Man"
Fantastic Four 1x12, "Behold the Negative Zone"
Fantastic Four 1x13, "The Silver Surfer and the Return of Galactus"

Spider-Man 1x01, "Night of the Lizard"
Spider-Man 1x02, "The Spider Slayer"
Spider-Man 1x03, "Return of the Spider Slayers"
Spider-Man 1x04, "Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous"
Spider-Man 1x05, "The Menace of Mysterio"
Spider-Man 1x06, "The Sting of the Scorpion"
Spider-Man 1x07, "Kraven the Hunter"
Spider-Man 1x08, "The Alien Costume, Part One"
Spider-Man 1x09, "The Alien Costume, Part Two"
Spider-Man 1x10, "The Alien Costume, Part Three"
Spider-Man 1x11, "The Hobgoblin, Part One"
Spider-Man 1x12, "The Hobgoblin, Part Two"
Spider-Man 1x13, "Day of the Chameleon"

Iron Man 2x01, "The Beast Within"
Iron Man 2x02, "Fire and Rain"
Iron Man 2x03, "Cell of Iron"
Iron Man 2x04, "Not Far from the Tree"
Iron Man 2x05, "Beauty Knows No Pain"
Iron Man 2x06, "Iron Man, on the Inside"
Iron Man 2x07, "Distant Boundaries"
Iron Man 2x08, "The Armor Wars, Part 1"
Iron Man 2x09, "The Armor Wars, Part 2"
Iron Man 2x10, "Empowered"
Iron Man 2x11, "Hulk Buster"
Iron Man 2x12, "Hands of the Mandarin, Part 1"
Iron Man 2x13, "Hands of the Mandarin, Part 2"

Fantastic Four 2x01, "And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them"
Fantastic Four 2x02, "Inhumans Saga, Part 1: And the Wind Cries Medusa"
Fantastic Four 2x03, "Inhumans Saga, Part 2: The Inhumans Among Us"
Fantastic Four 2x04, "Inhumans Saga, Part 3: Beware the Hidden Land"
Fantastic Four 2x05, "Worlds Within Worlds"
Fantastic Four 2x07, "Prey of the Black Panther"
Fantastic Four 2x09, "Nightmare in Green"

X-Men 4x01, "The Juggernaut Returns"
Fantastic Four 2x10, "Behold, a Distant Star"
Fantastic Four 2x11, "Hopelessly Impossible"

X-Men 4x02, "A Deal with the Devil"
X-Men 4x03, "Sanctuary, Part I"
X-Men 4x04, "Sanctuary, Part II"
X-Men 4x05, "Xavier Remembers"
X-Men 4x06, "Courage"
X-Men 4x07, "Secrets, Not Long Buried"
X-Men 4x08, "Nightcrawler"
X-Men 4x09, "One Man's Worth, Part I"
X-Men 4x10, "One Man's Worth, Part II"
X-Men 4x11, "Proteus, Part I"
X-Men 4x12, "Proteus, Part II"
X-Men 4x13, "Family Ties"
X-Men 4x14, "Bloodlines"
X-Men 4x16, "Weapon X, Lies, and Video Tape"
X-Men 4x15, "Lotus and the Steel"
X-Men 4x17, "Have Yourself a Morlock little X-Mas"

Spider-Man 2x01, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter I: The Insidious Six"
Spider-Man 2x02, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter II: Battle of the Insidious Six"
Spider-Man 2x03, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter III: Hydro-Man"
Spider-Man 2x04, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter IV: The Mutant Agenda"
Spider-Man 2x05, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter V: Mutants' Revenge"
Spider-Man 2x06, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VI: Morbius"
Spider-Man 2x07, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VII: Enter the Punisher"
Spider-Man 2x08, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter VIII: Duel of the Hunters"
Spider-Man 2x09, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XI: Blade, the Vampire Hunter"
Spider-Man 2x10, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter X: The Immortal Vampire"
Spider-Man 2x11, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XI: Tablet of Time"
Spider-Man 2x12, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XII: Ravages of Time"
Spider-Man 2x13, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XIII: Shriek of the Vulture"
Spider-Man 2x14, "Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter XIV: The Final Nightmare"

X-Men 4x18, "Beyond Good and Evil, Part 1: The End of Time"
X-Men 4x19, "Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2: Promise of Apocalypse"
X-Men 4x20, "Beyond Good and Evil, Part 3: The Lazarus Chamber"
X-Men 4x21, "Beyond Good and Evil, Part 4: End and Beginning"

Spider-Man 3x01, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter I: Doctor Strange"
Spider-Man 3x02, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter II: Make a Wish"
Spider-Man 3x03, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter III: Attack of the Octobot"
Spider-Man 3x04, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter IV: Enter the Green Goblin"
Spider-Man 3x05, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter V: Rocket Racer"
Spider-Man 3x06, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter VI: Framed"
Spider-Man 3x07, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter VII: The Man Without Fear"
Spider-Man 3x08, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter VIII: The Ultimate Slayer"
Spider-Man 3x09, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XI: Tombstone"
Spider-Man 3x10, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter X: Venom Returns"
Spider-Man 3x11, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XI: Carnage"
Spider-Man 3x12, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XII: The Spot"
Spider-Man 3x13, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XIII: Goblin War!"
Spider-Man 3x14, "The Sins of the Fathers, Chapter XIV: Turning Point"
Spider-Man 4x01, "Partners in Danger, Chapter I: Guilty"
Spider-Man 4x02, "Partners in Danger, Chapter II: The Cat"
Spider-Man 4x03, "Partners in Danger, Chapter III: The Black Cat"
Spider-Man 4x04, "Partners in Danger, Chapter IV: The Return of Kraven"
Spider-Man 4x05, "Partners in Danger, Chapter V: Partners"
Spider-Man 4x06, "Partners in Danger, Chapter VI: The Awakening"
Spider-Man 4x07, "Partners in Danger, Chapter VII: The Vampire Queen"
Spider-Man 4x08, "Partners in Danger, Chapter VIII: The Return of the Green Goblin"
Spider-Man 4x09, "Partners in Danger, Chapter XI: The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson"
Spider-Man 4x10, "Partners in Danger, Chapter X: The Lizard King"
Spider-Man 4x11, "Partners in Danger, Chapter XI: The Prowler"
Spider-Man 5x01, "The Wedding"
Spider-Man 5x02, "Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter I"
Spider-Man 5x03, "Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter II: Unclaimed Legacy"
Spider-Man 5x04, "Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter III: Secrets of the Six"
Spider-Man 5x05, "Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter IV: The Six Fight Again"
Spider-Man 5x06, "Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter V: The Price of Heroism"
Spider-Man 5x07, "The Return of Hydro-Man, Part One"
Spider-Man 5x08, "The Return of Hydro-Man, Part Two"
Spider-Man 5x09, "Secret Wars, Chapter I: Arrival"
Spider-Man 5x10, "Secret Wars, Chapter II: The Gauntlet of the Red Skull"
Spider-Man 5x11, "Secret Wars, Chapter III: Doom"
Spider-Man 5x12, "Spider Wars, Chapter I: I Really, Really Hate Clones"
Spider-Man 5x13, "Spider Wars, Chapter II: Farewell, Spider-Man"

X-Men 5x01, "The Phalanx Covenant, Part One"
X-Men 5x02, "The Phalanx Covenant, Part Two"
X-Men 5x03, "Storm Front, Part I"
X-Men 5x04, "Storm Front, Part II"
X-Men 5x05, "The Fifth Horseman"
X-Men 5x06, "Jubilee's Fairytale Theatre"
X-Men 5x07, "Old Soldiers"
X-Men 5x08, "Hidden Agendas"

X-Men 5x09, "Descent"
X-Men 5x10, "Graduation Day"

The Incredible Hulk 1x01, "Return of the Beast, Part 1"
The Incredible Hulk 1x02, "Return of the Beast, Part 2"
The Incredible Hulk 1x03, "Raw Power"
The Incredible Hulk 1x04, "Helping Hand, Iron Fist"
The Incredible Hulk 1x05, "Innocent Blood"
The Incredible Hulk 1x06, "Man to Man, Beast to Beast"
The Incredible Hulk 1x07, "Doomed"
The Incredible Hulk 1x08, "Fantastic Fortitude"
The Incredible Hulk 1x09, "Mortal Bounds"
The Incredible Hulk 1x10, "And the Wind Cries, Wendigo!"
The Incredible Hulk 1x11, "Darkness and Light, Part 1"
The Incredible Hulk 1x12, "Darkness and Light, Part 2"
The Incredible Hulk 1x13, "Darkness and Light, Part 3"
The Incredible Hulk 2x01, "Hulk of a Different Color"
The Incredible Hulk 2x02, "Down Memory Lane"
The Incredible Hulk 2x03, "Mind Over Anti-Matter"
The Incredible Hulk 2x04, "They Call Me Mr. Fixit"
The Incredible Hulk 2x05, "Fashion Warriors"
The Incredible Hulk 2x06, "Hollywood Rocks"
The Incredible Hulk 2x07, "The Lost Village"
The Incredible Hulk 2x08, "Mission: Incredible"

X-Men '97 #1
X-Men '97 #2
X-Men '97 #3
X-Men '97 #4

X-Men '97 1x01, "????"
X-Men '97 1x02, "????"
X-Men '97 1x03, "????"
X-Men '97 1x04, "????"
X-Men '97 1x05, "????"
X-Men '97 1x06, "????"
X-Men '97 1x07, "????"
X-Men '97 1x08, "????"
X-Men '97 1x09, "????"
X-Men '97 1x10, "????"

Spider-Man Unlimited 1x01, "Worlds Apart, Part One"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x02, "Worlds Apart, Part Two"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x03, "Where Evil Nests"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x04, "Deadly Choices"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x05, "Steel Cold Heart"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x06, "Enter the Hunter!"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x07, "Cry Vulture"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x08, "Ill-Met by Moonlight"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x09, "Sustenance"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x10, "Matters of the Heart"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x11, "One Is the Loneliest Number"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x12, "Sins of the Fathers"
Spider-Man Unlimited 1x13, "Destiny Unleashed"

The Avengers: United They Stand 1x01, "Avengers Assemble, Part 1"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x02, "Avengers Assemble, Part 2"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x03, "Kang"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x04, "Comes a Swordsman"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x05, "Remnants"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x06, "Command Decision"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x07, "To Rule Atlantis"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x08, "Shooting Stars"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x09, "What a Vision Has to Do"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x10, "Egg-Streme Vengeance"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x11, "The Sorceress's Apprentice"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x12, "Earth and Fire, Part 1"
The Avengers: United They Stand 1x13, "Earth and Fire, Part 2"
Fantastic Four 2x06, "To Battle the Living Planet"
Fantastic Four 2x08, "When Calls Galactus"
Fantastic Four 2x12, "The Sentry Sinister"
Fantastic Four 2x13, "Doomsday"

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #7, "Edge of the Spider-Verse: Web of Fear"
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One crappy thing though, if I include Spider-Man Unlimited, it has to chronologically fall before Spider-Man (1994) even though it's technically a sequel (not, like... fully a sequel, but you know).
Could Silver Surfer TAS and Avengers UTSbe set into One of jubelee's incarnations?

Good luck finding these.

Good luck finding these.
Also, these are like 50+ bucks on eBay. Ooof.
@Pro Bot I found a way to read the comic (I'll share it with you later)

but it's set between Crimson Dynamo's two appearances ("Not Far From the Tree" and "Armor Wars, Part 1") because Tony first meets CD in "Not Far From the Tree" but CD literally dies via nuke in ".Armor Wars Part 1"; his 2nd appearance.

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