Paris is broke!

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As much as it pains me to say it....

Mole is right.

She's not really broke. She's just not getting her inheritence. Paris, is a franchise unto herself. She made a couple million dollars last year just in modeling and product merchandising and TV appearances/shows.

And that's just the portion from her grandfather. Her parents have stake in the family fortune as well and won't leave her in the red.

So yeah....she's just broker than usual. But rich broke is different from our broke.


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I wouldn't touch Paris with a 10 foot pole. Her sister, on the other hand...


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I couldn't care less that Paris is broke, not broke, barely broke, or broken.


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so, um, apparently.... this isn't true. tmz has confirmed it.

:arrgh: :furious:

Hmm. How shall i put this.

Oh, wait! I know!


joking dude :lol: I just couldn't resist that. :oops:
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