Payday/John Wick - Timeline

There's two Tarantino universes though. There's a shared universe, then there's a more fantastical shared universe with connections to the other one because they're in-universe movies.
Peux-tu réaliser ces deux univers s'il te plaît pour que je les modifie dans Sheet ? Ce serait super sympa, tu gères bien pour en réaliser.
No doubt, but without any narrative, it's just a skin. Even with Marvel, I don't count the skins being used in gameplay as canon because it's literally just an appearance, but the comic tie-ins and events are canon to Earth-616.

With John Wick... it's just a skin. Sure, a version of John Wick may have came to the Island, but it isn't tied with the films. It could be a split timeline, like the majority of Dead by Daylight crossovers are (although certain skins do break this, Chucky having the cuts from later films for example means that there should be two versions of Chucky in the Entity's Realm).

Also, can you imagine the absurdity of a John Wick/Fortnite comic? Ew, lol.
Actually, count Wick's fingers in Fortnite. That'll tell you the timeline, XD.
When you think about there are various shorts that show Jonesy taking heroes from their respective realities so maybe Jonesy took John off screen?
They're divergent timelines usually. See Aliens and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, for example.
Even then there is enough time between 3 and 4 that this could've happened and probably gave him his finger back temporarily for "better" chances at winning
There's new styles for John Wick where he has a missing finger.
Oh so maybe it's canon then? The time skip between 3 and 4 allows this to not have a divergence
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I didn't say that. If there was a trailer then I could "include" that, but there's not. That's why I don't include Dead by Daylight itself on the Saw timeline, only the trailers and in-game lore. Fortnite doesn't actually have any lore for John Wick, so it can't be judged on canonicity.

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