Pet-Peeve Thread 4: More peeve than you can handle.


Are you talking about rednecks? What kind of accent are these people supposed to have.

No. There is no accent. They just can't pronounce certain things properly. Laziness maybe? I hear it all the time. Most recently it was on a radio commercial.

The Bendis Boards. I haven't been there in forever and just now I get an email that I get a PM. I know nobody there. It's from someone named lollergirl. So I check the PM and half porn. WTF? Who sends random crap like that in a PM to someone they do not know?

I got it too. I get registrations like that here all the time, which is why I have to manually approve new accounts. But I've never seen one that sends PMs to members; usually they try to post in the current poll.
McCheese has started the newest version of every ongoing thread now, I think.

Jinxworld was bombarded by that spammer, Lollergirl, yesterday. The mods dealt with it.
Darn, after the first 3 consecutive threads I've lost the franchise. At least it's a good title and a part of McCheese's thread-mogulling, and not some cheap knock-off from that Kalicki character.

Edit: Oh yeah, Pet Peeves? Those under-the-skin zits you get from time to time. What a *****.
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