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Jun 16, 2004
Philadelphia, PA
I was reading an article about Johnny Depp doing voicework for the game "The Legend of Jack Sparrow" and how Disney plans to market the film franchise. The mentioned, among other things (Such as a next generation game based off the films), a massive-multiplayer online game that would take place in an altnernate timeline than the movies, but would borrow the main characters. It's an interesting concept, I think.
I thought this was already out.
Right, I remember reading about this as well.

For Proj:

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Legend of Jack Sparrow is a PS2 (I think) and PC game that was released on June 28 to coincide with the new movie's release. Story-wise it takes place in between the two films, but features playable "flashback" levels to some of Jack's over-the-top stories: sacking a city without firing a shot, escaping an island on the back of sea turtles, etc.

The MMO rumor is something totally different.

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