Please, Marvel, I'm begging you


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May 17, 2004
Please Ultimize Xorn and fix all this stupid crap about twins and impersonators.

Please. :please:
Haha, no way do I want Xorn in the UU. I think he's just a bad omen.
Whenever he'd mentioned in a book my skin crawls, I still don't get it, and have no real will to guess what the truth may be, Xorn was a mistake from the offing.

I'm waving the banner.
Well, I found Xorn to be a really odd character to pit into the X-Men and, after he turned into Mangeto, an even weirder one. He came back as that Xorn's twin or whatever (What a great explanation, Chuck) and he seems to be a lot more powerful than he originally put on. I wouldn't mind having him around if, like E, said he was changed from all of this mess into something UU suitable. ;)
What the **** are you talking about?! Xorn was Magneto! There was no Xorn! What twins?
ARGH! This is why people leave comics. Why the **** is the one company that is espousing an ultimate line and a overt agenda to streamlining continuity still producing books that **** around with continuity?! Continuity is only a problem if you start ****ing with it. Let people tell their stories and then leave. Don't start writing stories about other writer's stories! ****ing hell, why do they keep making the same goddam mistakes?!

Ok.... rant over.
As Ice said, if they had stuck with Xorn being something that Magneto made up, everything works PERFECTLY. Nothing needs to be fixed. But with all the crap afterward, it has seriously ruined the character.

The ironic thing is that by fixing (read: Ultimizing) him, they won't really be improving anything, unless they once again made him something Magneto made up. If you HAVE to make him a real person, make it so that Magneto imprisoned him and impersonated him, let him free, and LEAVE IT. But even then that totally screws up what was cool about him.
Two problems:

1. I don't see Magneto imersonating anyone, it's not his style to sneak about. He is Mr. Ego, he he's himself as on top of the foodchain, and I see no reason for him to hide in a metal helmet.

2. The real Xorn has a ****ing star for a brain.
Can someone give me a brief bio of this xorn character. Im so confused :dazed: :dazed:

P.S why am i still a side kick :?
Yeah didn't he die. So why is magneto and xorn back if they were the same person???????????????
slimjim said:
Yeah didn't he die. So why is magneto and xorn back if they were the same person???????????????
He...He's really asking! :shock:

Xorn and Magento are NOT the same person. Not if you read Excalibur #2.