PopCultureShock offers 5-page preview of Ultimate X-Men #55


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Dec 29, 2004
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[IMGL]http://ultimatecentral.com/images/news-uxm55cov.jpg[/IMGL] PopCultureShock is offering a 5-page preview of Ultimate X-Men #55 by Brian Vaughan and Stuart Immonen, due in stores January 26, 2005.

"While the X-Men arrive on Krakoa to aid a mutant trapped in a game where contestants hunt mutants on the island, the longest surviving prey, Longshot, now becomes the object of the ultimate gamesman - Arcade! Part 2 (of 3). 32 PGS./All Ages...$2.25"

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Wow, Mojo's.... Fat. Really, really fat. I know a 400lb man that doesn't look that god damned fat.

And the Xavier influences are exactly new ground. Of course it's all characters who weren't part of the original team talking about it, so maybe they'll just talk it out with Storm and Cyclops later.

The pages are interesting and it seems to go well with the issue that came out just yesterday... I'm really hoping that the plot continues to go this well throughout the rest of the arc!

Also, Arcade... Does anyone find him, well, off? Read the preview and you'll see what I mean... A gamer turned hunter? I don't think so. Then again, those guys from Columbine turned into killers because of video games, so we'll never really know. I always thought "gamers" lived under rocks...
Hardcore gamers do, but alot of people call themselves gamers now with a passing intrest in the hobby. Basicly if you've bought a PS2 and more than 4 games you can call yourself a gamer anymore.

I remember when gamers gathered in dimly lit basements to roll dice, get drunk, and bitch about work..... ah, memories....
This ****** blows. Arcade totally sucks. I hope this isn't how he's really going to be. {sigh}.....

I like the Arcade that's short with a litterally killer amusement park. He doesn't have to have the same clothes, but this Arcade I'm not liking. :noway:
ultimatedjf said:
..... at popcultureshock.com. Looks pretty cool. :D

Thanks for the heads up. 8)

Looks great. I love the doubt and mistrust the B team has for Professor.

Hopefully they notice that they neglected to change the title on the cover.
Goodwill said:
Then again, those guys from Columbine turned into killers because of video games

You know, I really like how Vaughan picks up on the details that happened in the past and knows just when to add them in... He's doing this well with the Xavier conspiracy theory, even though Colossus has been through it once before. I hope this doesn't add up to Xavier becoming a villain in Vaughan's big arc at the end!

Arcade is looking like a character who needs a mommy, you know, Ice? We need a character like that, especially in the controlled environment that is the television show, to shake things up a bit... I like him because he's different than any other villain currently being written in this title (Yes, Mojo).
the whole Arcade thing confuses me... I'm not all familiar but this guy took a complete 180 from his 616 counterpart right?? He just looks like a thug now not worthy of being the "head villain" anywhere...

When o when are these guys going to start having faith in Xavier I'm gettin' sick of it...

I don't think I'm agreeing with the second stringers jackin' the jet and leaving it seems way out of reason to even do that... I was debating it and then they brought up maybe they were being controlled by Xavier but it's not Xavier's style... It's a real stupid thing to do IMO... they don't even have the slightest idea what they're doing...

It'll all probably be a good arc though once the action picks up
Looking good! Arcade's a geek who's meet the outdoors, Mojo's had too many pies and the X-Men are doubting Xavier... again!
TheManWithoutFear said:
When o when are these guys going to start having faith in Xavier I'm gettin' sick of it...

What would you think if you knew YOUR teacher could control your mind, and all of the sudden you find yourself doing something you wouldn't normally do?
But even if he did that, I'm sure Xavier would never get them in near death situations without help...
icemastertron said:
All I'm saying that I hope at least he's on break from Murderworld...

Murderworld is a video game, man! He could set up very cool traps around the island, though, and make it a "Murderworld" for the mutants... You know?
What's so bad about that? I thought it was a pretty interesting little thing... We'll see how that will play out... I have a feeling there is more to it than what you think.

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