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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK
Just got back from the cinema.

Sweet god that rocked. All of the AvP series has been washed away in a flood of Pred-awesomeness.
The deaths were brutal, the Predators were badass, the 'prey' were badass.
Interesting turn with two different breeds of Predator..
I saw it a couple of days ago and really liked it, but I did have some problems:

(this is a spoilers thread but I'm giving you a warning now - GO AWAY!)

I can't believe Laurence Fishburne agreed to that role. I expected he would be in it more.

Topher Grace's character... didn't quite come together. It's like in the last 10 minutes they realised that they had to wrap things up and explain who he was.

Other than those two nitpicks though... I thought it was great. Adrien Brody proved he can be an action star and the rest of the cast was just as fun. Walton Goggins' convict was hilarious and the Yakuza dude was badass. If they make a sequel about Brody trying to escape while trying to survive the Predators hunting their new prey, I will go and see it.
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Very decent.

Most of the characters were well done, but Walton Goggins was ****ing great and Laurence Fishburne was terrible. The plot was exactly what you expect going in, but the action was much better than I expected. There are a few minor things that bugged me (like what happened to Brody's big honkin' knife during the final battle), but nothing big enough to taint my enjoyment. This movie is a damn solid action movie in a summer full of garbage action movies.

Go check it out.
It was pretty awesome. All the characters were pretty interesting. I liked how the Yakuza guy was kind of like Billy from the original Predator. I think they should've showed the Predators more; it didn't show them hunting very much and instead showed more of them testing the humans with booby traps and such. I definitely think the premise of this movie is more interesting than the original - criminals being abducted by alliens and then taken to another planet to be hunted. Two more things I loved about this movie: the Dutch reference and the fact that they kept the original music (even the song from the helicopter scene of Predator, I almost pissed myself when I heard that at the end of Predators). Overall I'd give this 8 decapitated Predator heads out of 10.
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The Yakuza dude facing off against the Predator in the grass is one of the coolest things I've seen all year.
The Yakuza dude facing off against the Predator in the grass is one of the coolest things I've seen all year.

Do you see what I mean when I say that he's this movie's Billy (Billy being the badass Native American guy from the first movie). He's silent through most of the movie, communicates the least out of any of the human characters, and dies an honorable death fighting the Predator.

If you liked the original movie then I strongly suggest you see this movie because it's the sequel that Predator deserved, not that turd of a movie with Gary Busey. It's better than Predator 2 and the AVP movies combined.
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I liked Predators more than Predator.

It's definitely a much more interesting idea.

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