Punching The Walls of Reality

J. Agamemnon

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Jan 25, 2006
Austin, Texas
Well, I'm finally putting myself out there for others' judgement...

Punching The Walls of Reality Podcast

It's pretty ridiculous but I'm getting a lot more positive support than I thought i would have gotten. Now, I'd love to get some support from you guys. We currently hosting through wordpress but in the next two weeks (in alignment with "pay day") We'll be moving it to Gator hosting and completely rebuild the site. We got a couple things in the works and are just looking for a web designer, pretty much to save us the headache of doing it ourselves. Also, a cool background or emblem resembling a fist punching through reality ala Superboy Prime. We'll also be using the site for blogs, articles and current events along with guest articles and blogs, so if anyone wants to get something off their chest and blog about it, we'll post it on there as a front page feature. Also free ads for friends like if you wanted to plug your website, we could do that on our podcast and stuff or talk about one of your articles.

So yeah, we're hoping it goes somewhere but even if it doesn't, that won't prevent us from acting like jackals. Probably NSFW and not kid-friendly, unless your child curses.
So i finally got some podcasts up on the site and ready for instant streaming. We recently reached 1,000 hits and to celebrate, I'm thinking of buckling and opening a Twitter account to promote and expand readership/listenership. I posting here to see if I can get some support from you guys. I'll most likely be opening an account tonight, once I'm out of work. I appreciate if anyone has checked out the site and thanks for reading. I know there isn't whole lot of content and we kinda seem jerky. We're still trying to find a good balance and what we want the site to be, but we'll get there. Thanks guys!

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