Red Dwarf: Back to Earth


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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK
Anyone (probably mostly UK types) been watching this?

First episode was kind of slow, but the second part was pretty damn funny.
The crew get sucked into an alternate universe, which turns out to be our universe. They then discover they are actually characters in a TV show, and they are going to be killed off soon so they set off to find out how many episodes they have left, and beg for more. The episode ends with them driving down a familiar street, at least for actor Craig Charles...
they still cant leave a good thing alone eh?
i dont know how this got the green light as the last series was horrific
I, for one, think this is great. We should have more shows about midgets - whatever their color.
I saw the three-parter. It was actually pretty cool! I hope to get more.

Specifically - I want DOCTOR WHO MEETS RED DWARF because it would be awesome.

I also thought it was smart they used the despair squid. I actually thought about it early on. The reason is because when the fifth season originally aired, the despair squid episode was the last episode of the season. And so, the idea that they were actually all in a video game all this time was honestly believable. They did this trick again in the sixth season finale with Lister turning out to be a robot. So, for this 'return', the idea of them discovering they were tv characters was actually a totally believable - if not entirely desirable - plot. Good timing. Also, the last lines of the whole, "if you told them the truth... they'd laugh" was funny and I did indeed, laugh.
Interesting thing I'd not really picked up on:
The despair squid episode is Back to Reality while this is Back to Earth. It's foreshadowed in the friggin' title. Sweet.

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