S. Darko: Sequel to Donnie Darko

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Aug 24, 2006
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The wikipedia article:


S. Darko[1] is an upcoming 2009 sequel to Donnie Darko. It is directed by Chris Fisher. S. Darko follows Samantha Darko, the younger sister of Donnie, the protagonist of Donnie Darko, and her friend Corey. On their way to Los Angeles, their car breaks down, forcing them to wait in a small town until it is fixed. While there, Samantha begins to have dreams that warn her of the end of the universe.

S. Darko is set to be released on May 12th, 2009, on DVD and Blu-ray.[2]

Donnie Darko's writer and director, Richard Kelly, did not reprise his role as the director or writer of S. Darko. He stated "To set the record straight, here's a few facts I'd like to share with you all -- I haven't read this script. I have absolutely no involvement with this production, nor will I ever be involved." [3] Chris Fisher, director of S. Darko, noted that he was an admirer of Kelly's film, and that he hoped "to create a similar world of blurred fantasy and reality."[4]

Filming for S. Darko began on May 18, 2008.[4]

The movie is set to be released May 12th, 2009.[5] Though unreleased in theaters currently, Fox has already bought the North American distribution rights.[4]

I admit that I have never seen Donnie Darko (it's on the list) but I figured it was worth a thread.
I thought we had a thread for this.... maybe we've just discussed it in the All About Movies thread.

I doubt it'll be anywhere near as good as one of my Top 3 favourite films of all time, but there's no way I can just write it off from the get-go. We know nothing about it. Could be ****. Could be great.
oh dear god

maybe this will lead to that image of Shao Kahn and the rabbit (can't remember his name) trick or treating talking about how stupid the others masks are, resurfacing again

I've been looking long and hard to find that image

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