Saints Row: The Third.

Sweet! Does he give you $300,000 exactly if you kill him?

Yup, you get $300K, and the weapon he's using (Variant versions of like the K-8, the RPG, etc). Every time you log into the game you have a 1% of generating him. So just as an update... after beating him down there, I found him two more times (#'s 2 and 3 were literally on opposite corners of an intersection, at the same time). To keep the fight short (he's got more health than a Brute), use an RPG (usually takes 3-4 shots) or The Penetrator (takes about 6-7 hits).
I loved that
RVD was one of the play by play guys in that part

and Hulk Hogan.
And of course
Burt ****ing Reynolds! Soooooo had to get him as a homie lol

With the crazy vehicles in this game. For christmas DLC they should add Santa's sleigh and give it the same properties as the VTOL with ascending up and down then press swap mode to fly it fast. Sadly they wont but my dream of GTA-style game with sant's sleigh will be fulfilled one day I hope.

Genkibowl VII DLC comes out today. New missions, weapons, attire, etc.

Murder Time, Fun Time!

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