San Diego Comic Con 2010 Diary

be sure to meet Lou Ferrigno, REALLY cool cat. I know I should'a gone this year.
I posted on Facebook yesterday about being him for a few seconds yesterday. I'll explain more on that later, going to get food, see Inception, and hit the beach.
The Comic-Con part of the trip is over. Off to L.A. tomorrow morning, then back to San Diego for a 9pm flight back home. Full stories from Thursday to Monday coming as soon as I'm back home.
So let's see... what was Thursday's highlights?

Day #1:

After TOG and I went to pick up one of his friends, we went back to the hotel to get another of friend of his and Mike (Ultxon). Eventually we make it to Comic-Con where it took us like 15 minutes to find where we were supposed to park and then get in. Once we made it up to the convention doors, we went to get our badges and go on in. The moment I got mine, I went quickly to the ballroom with the panels hosting the USA network show panels, but after seeing that the line was as long as rush hour traffic, I turned back and met up with Dean and friends, minus Mike who went on his own.

We walked into the main hall, and damn it was huge. Biggest convention floor I've ever seen. Took TOG all day to walk it all, no joke.

Anyways, as I walked with Tog and the others, I was staring at the FOX booth for a minute and when I turned around again, I found TOG to be nowhere in sight. I looked for a minute, but couldn't find him. So I decided to just walk around for a bit and met up with Mike a few minutes later. After taking pictures with some costumed people and comic guys, Mike and I met with Eric Powell where I got a Goon comic sketched and signed by him! Later Mike also got me Chew vol. 1 signed by the writer and artist. Sweet.

We kept walking around and eventually ran into TOG and the others (in which there was another Mike!), soon following a bump-in with DSF and his friends. It was funny that after we all introduced ourselves, the conversation boxed out "the friends" and it was just a talk between DSF, TOG, and myself. We said our good-byes and went on.

After the con day ended, we went out to eat. Even that took some time to get some parking, too. There was a Hooters we could've gone, but TOG wanted Mexican (which happened about every time he was hungry). It was a good meal and afterwards headed back to the hotel. After that, it was just hanging out in the room, going over what we got that day.
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You missed out the bit where TOG gave you a hand job in the bathroom. Or was that the next day?
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LUCKY! I wanna see!

Eric himself sketching/signing:

And the trade I got:

Also, a special treat:

Forgotten part of the Day #1 special issue!

There was a break in the day when we decided to get lunch. We ended up in a place called "Dicks". No, thankfully not the exact opposite of 'Hooters'. While waiting for our orders and after having our drinks, someone on the other side of the restaurant was celebrating. TOG decided to join. He screamed in cheers, throwing his arms in the air and then finally slamming the table with his fists. In doing so, he spilled Mike's (Ultxon) drink, almost spilling it on him, but instead on the floor. We all began laughing until tears came out, with the people around us laughing and clapping at TOG. The waitress kept picking on TOG for the rest of the time. Best lunch ever.
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Do you think TOG is actually retarded?
This does not feature me in favorable light.

The people at Dick's are suppose to be dicks to you as part of the service. I say I did better then she did.

Also she totally wanted me. I should of went for it.

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