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Jun 25, 2004
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I just started pulling this. I just got the first 3 issues today and i gotta say that its awesome. Much better then Amazing and Spectacular (in my opinion). I just got a question for anyone whos reading them. When we see electros new mask, half the time the "electric bolts" are flat against his head and the other half the time they stick out like they used to. Can anyone explain this to me?
I'm still not convinced I'll keep MK: Spidey. The main problem I have with the title is the main plotline: the abduction of May Parker. The frentic search for her just doesn't fit my personal taste very well. The one thing that keeps me on the title is one panel from issue 4 (read online), where Millar hints that Felicia may still have feelings for Peter, with a BIG "Teaser" written over it. I'd love to see how that works out, ESPECIALLY if it doesn't work out...

But, anyway, as for Electro's new costume, it has been written on the net before, that the "spikes" are drawn upright in all panels, in which electro uses his electric powers. think of them as "responding to static electricity", just like hair standing upright.
Yeah, that Vemon definitely needs to be changed back to his original symbiote costume... This one is just stupid...
I dont think its that bad, but the original is definately better. It seems that someone is giving everyone an upgrade. I think the look will only be temporary tho. Im really looking forward to this arc tho
It's not his character to change.

What character is anyone's to change? It's no different than Bendis ultimizing Spider-Man.

Anyway...Millar said there is a specific purpose/reason for the change in Venom, it's not just change for the sake of change.
Goodwill wrote:
It's not his character to change.

None of the writers own the chracters. It may not be theirs to change, but if it flows with the story... well then, its gonna happen. The editors dont seem to have a problem with it if we see it in the final product.
Venom shouldn't be changed at all... Millar's story's purpose isn't to alter villains but to add on the heat in Peter's life. Millar is looking to make things his own too often. He may as well buy Marvel.
Youre acting kinda weird there Goodwill. The way you feel about what Milar is doing could be said about any writer. If Vaughun was writing the book and not Millar, and did the same thing with Venom, you'd probably say the same thing. Or if any other writer did it. See where i'm going?
This is the best Spidey book next to USM, at least in my opinion. I love how Millar's taken the character back to his roots. I miss Spidey getting the crap kicked out of him. Really defined the mind set of a true hero. I just can't wait for Ultimate Spidey to get that old. His ass is gonna get tore up!
This is the best Spidey book next to USM

yeah i definately agree. Millars doing great. I love how he made Electro an actual threat instead of a joke. I mean someone with Electric powers should be a big time player
Yes. I loved the fight between him and Spidey. And I also loved how Spidey just wacked, and I mean wacked HARD, Green Goblin with the mail box. That was just sweet. And in the lates issue:

It was cool how he had Spidey SPidey fighting against Doc Ock thinking he went super, super nuts 'cuz he thought he was rampaging through the city. And he threw him into a bus that almost hurt some civies. But then he found out that he actually fought a druged Doc Ock, 'cuz the SWAT had were moving him somewhere else and gave gim a couple of tranqualizer darts to keep him still. Then we had at least somewhere between 45-60 SWATS coming up on Spider-Man to see his identy since J.J.J. has a $5 million price on who can tell him his true id since he got a photo of him fromm the hospital with parts of his face showing, but cant tell cuz the face was too beat up from the fight with Electro.
Dude that part was awesome!! With the way MJ was looking, it looked she was kinda jealous at Felicia. But we know Felicia will not be dumb enough to fight Peter's wife.
Ofcourse. Im just saying the look he has on cover #8 is just so awesome! Hey can anyone bring it in here? I dont how to so....

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