Spider-Man Sensational Spider-Man series discussion (spoilers)

I don't like it. He looks like one of the guys from ICP. :?

Really? So you're in favor of the classic look? I mean, I really like this look a lot, but the classic is still my fav.
So you're in favor of the classic look?

I'm not in love with the character (I think he's outlived his usefulness by far) so I don't have a strong opinion either way, but I think I prefer the original look.
The original look can be replaced, yes, but I don't think that Millar did a good job of replacing it. It does look like a guy outta the ICP and it also looks like he's from the manga version of him...

I really don't like Millar's writing, attitude, etc. He is really trying to make himself look like the next Stan Lee and, really, he can't do that... The shoes are too big for a Scottish man. No offense to the Scots... Well, I'm a Scot, but whatever...
Im really enjoyin Millars writing. I prefer Venoms old look tho, but i think the look will be necessary for the story
Millar always seems to be cussing and stuff like that... As a professional, I don't think that is right to do. Just immoral and makes him look sort of trashy compared to say, Bendis, who, after all the credit he's been given, still is very modest. This goes for Vaughan, too.

Also, Millar seems to be bringing everything, EVERYTHING into his little umbrella of power. He's got titles that span across entire comic companies and he writes just about every kind of character at Marvel, not to mention he writes for DC, too, doesn't he? I could have sworn I heard him say that he alone is reinventing the super hero as we know, etc. Truth is not arrogance, but there are still people ahead of him, who are truly reinventing super heroes.
look sort of trashy compared to say, Bendis

Millar...writes just about every kind of character at Marvel

I think Bendis writes more books/characters than Millar does.

And I really think Millar has reinvented the superhero. Look what he did with the Avengers in Ultimates. He took the idea Stan Lee had with Spider-Man - making a superhero more human - to a whole new level.
I think Millar writes stories that are a lot more life-like and realistic (well, as realistic as comics can get)
His stories have been more than excellent on MK:Spider-Man. I mean the fights between Spidey and GG and Spidey and Electro were one of the best Spidey fights I have ever seen.
SPOILER ALERT..........SPOILER ALERT........... SPOILER ALERT............

Hey, issue 6 was really good. Altough the X-Men didnt exactly guest star. It was just Rachel. Ofcourse Peter's still looking for his Aunt May, and from what Rachel could find out, she might be dead. And since Brock is dying from cancer, he's selling off Venom at a auction with The Tinkerer as the auctioneer. They started the price at 6 million.
That looks awesome. I still havent seen issue 6 yet (i have my comics shipped to me every 2 weeks (no stores in the area)) I am really looking forward to the conclusion of this overall story arc.

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