Show's, movies, ect, that should have their own games

Lego Spider-man


Angel (there has been buffy but an angel one set right as season 5 ends would kick ***)
Lego Gilmore Girls.

That's the worst thing I've ever heard.
Lego Spider-Man would be the greatest thing ever.

Lego Gilmore Girls make me want to slit my wrists 8 times.

If you do then take pics for us all to see:lol:

but seriously yes you agree on lego Spider-man. They NEED to do it. Even if they just do it based on the 3 movies
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my full list *will update* since i really love this topic

Lego Spider-man - Would so kick *** Am I right or am I right?

Angel - (there has been buffy but an angel one set right as season 5 ends would kick ***)

Thundercats -for next gen (can you imagine on Wii swinging Wii mote to the "thundercats HOOOOOOOOOO" bit?)

Hasbro Game- like Smash bros for next gen. Imagen star wars , transformers and alot more even jokes characters like "Darth Tater"

Batman freeroam - price of 360 £399.99 price of game £50 driving around gothem in batmobile on free roam , priceless

Dragonball/z/gt MMORPG - enough said!

Sonic And Mario - Do it Mario Party style

Mortal Kombat vs Street fighter - BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!

Freddy Vs Jason - Am I right?
Hey, I like it. Anyway.....
My mom watches Gilmore Girls.

All the characters live in a quaint little intellectual town and they all talk really fast as if it makes them sound smarter and all the background music consists of some chick singing "Lalalala...Lalalala...Lalalalaaa!" while strumming a guitar.

It's unbearable.
Heroes and Lost
I'm pretty sure that I mentioned this in another thread, but I would love to see the Herge's Adventures of Tintin comics made into a globe-spanning retro adventure game, using a deliberately outdated, old-school LucasArts type engine.

The game should feature vintage/period-appropriate aesthetics -- no attempt to "modernize" or update the technology and politics; instead, set it in the past, but with a more modern, Alan Moore-ish approach to the world events of the time.
The Tintin comics ruled, a game would be fun.

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