Silkroad Online


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Aug 15, 2006
The Turkish Fan!!!
Anyone playing this game? Or at least played it before.
I have tried nearly every single MMORPG and decided this free2play one is the best.
It probably has the best graphics, easy to learn but hard to master skill trees and unbelievably fun pvp.

The evaluation period took a lot of time, I started MMORPGs with Knight Online, then I found out about Silkroad Online played it for 1.5 years, then I started wow but got bored in nearly 2 months, after playing 14/15 day trial periods of Lord of the rings online and star wars galaxies I decided to get back to my favorite "Silkroad Online".

Anyone would like to join me?

well, this ain't an advertisement.I just don't wanna get back to the game alone :)

I am officially on server Persia with the nickname "spiritfall"
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I tried to play this awhile ago. I downloaded it and tried to join a server, but it kept telling me that all of them were full.

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