Slasherverse - Timeline

That makes things easier.

Original Timeline
1974 - The Amityville Murders
1975 - The Amityville Horror
1982 - Amityville II: The Possession
1986 - Amityville 4: The Evil Escapes
1987 - Amityville 3-D
1989 - The Amityville Curse
1992 - Amityville: It's About Time
1993 - Amityville: A New Generation
1996 - Amityville: Dollhouse
2023 - Chucky 3x03, "Jennifer's Body"

Reboot Timeline (Horror)
1975 - The Amityville Horror

Real World Timeline
2017 - Amityville: The Awakening

Reboot Timeline (Curse)
2023 - The Amityville Curse (2023)
The Amityville Murders actually uses the classic theme and purposefully obscures the faces of the original film characters, so it could be canon. In any case, matching the flashbacks would be the main point of contention, but I literally did the same thing with Freddy's Nightmares and I made that work.

Edit: hmm... probably not? There's a lot of differences.

Edit 2: actually, the flashforward is depicting a different scene completely from my understanding so definitely no contradiction.
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I and my friends actually started to watch the slasherverse... we have to watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

P. S. @JudgeDreddpool come on, say it, we know that you watched everything on this planet that is even loosely close to horror hahaha.
... please don't ping me right now. I'm not having a good time mentally RN, especially since an elderly family member is currently in the hospital and I'm currently worried for their health. So in a nutshell, things are pretty f*cked for me.

Also, your comment is factually incorrect. I have not "watched everything" that is even close to horror. The only things I've seen that you can count as Horror are (in no particular order):
  • Berserk (the 1997 anime)
  • The entire Alien series
  • The entire Predator series (yes, including that god-awful 2018 movie)
  • Almost all of the Scream films (except the latest one)
  • Saw and Saw X
  • Ghostbusters (just the first film)
  • Pretty much all the stuff on the Slasherverse timeline up to TCM3, barring the Amityville movies and The Toolbox Massacre
  • The Mummy trilogy with Brendan Fraser... and also that shite reboot with Tom Cruise
  • The Walking Dead (I quit once I finished Season 8)
  • American Horror Story (still need to finish Murder House)
Oh, if we are talking about all the horror movies, then I have also watched:
  • Alien (only the first one)
  • The Predator (only "that god-awful 2018 movie", ironically)
  • Scream (only the first one)
  • Saw (all of them except the last one)
  • Ghostbusters (only the first one too)
  • Also The Mummy trilogy + the Tom Cruise one
  • Sleepaway Camp 1-3
And that's it... until I remember more movie horror franchises, but that sums pretty much everything.
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I see Evil Dead 2 as a horror comedy. I see Army of Darkness and Ghostbusters as comedies... though, Ghostbusters: Afterlife was a bit too serious (it needed to be though).
I forgot to mention, back in October, I finally managed to track down Before The Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon, and it seems to place the first movie in October of 2007


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So, uh... I guess they arrived to Amityville four days earlier, because they arrived on December 18 in real life (I assume that that part is true at least) but the fourth day in the film is a Thursday, which would be December 18. Strange.
The Amityville Murders (while being very fictional) uses a more historically accurate design for the house, with it being brown instead of white. This contradicts the other instalments which use the white colour. Flashbacks in The Amityville Horror show the 1974 murders as being in a white house.

So, I think that "Murders" is another separate continuity. It's STILL more of a prequel than Amityville II no matter what some people might tell you though, hehe.

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