Slimmy's art!

slimjim said:

Probably my favorite one.
I can't show you the stuff I'm working on with houde, but you guys will see it eventually :twisted:
This stuff is awesome. I might need you do some for me one day.
WHOA. That is damn fine work.
Yea it's godd but it needs to be better mad people would rate it like a 4/10


This banner of me that i posted in da picz fo uc members thread literally took 1/3 of the time and imo came out 10x better
I was just given a 2/10 on the starwars one on some elitist board. One day after years of pratice and preporation i can maybe just maybe get a 4.5/10 :cry: lol

at least its making my photoshop skillz better and i'm still in my youth so I by the time i'm their age I will be the elitist kewel dude giving the noobz 2/10'z

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