So, I picked up Green Lantern Rebirth...


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May 17, 2004
The first 4 issues. I've heard to smuch good stuff about it I thought I'd check it out.

This is very unlike me; I don't read any DC books.

Anyone else reading it? What do you think? I haven't started it yet so no spoilers please...
I've been picking it up. At first, I was like "huh, what's going on?". But after awhile, I understood what was going on. So far its pretty good....might be better if I knew some of the history of the characters. I just started reading DC not too long ago.
Well, I had been really looking forward to this, since I had just rekindled my love for the Green Lantern, when it was first announced, but my opinion is changing, slowly. The first issue was great, the second one was above average, and the thrid one was pretty average, at best.
At least in my opinion. I'd also like to recommend this column:
(my favorite internet-column on comic-books right now, always has something interesting to say, and always fun to read)

I think there might be a few minor spoilers, but I found Rebirth much more interesting once I knew the back-story.
Nurhachi said:
Dr. Spectrum is the REAL green lantern :p
* foams and drops to the ground *

I'm reading it. It's pretty good, Geff Johns is doing his usual job of cleaning up messes that past DC writers have made of great characters. At the rate he's going everything will make sense within 2 years. I was never a big fan of teh Hal jordan character, but with the recent return of many background GLs that I do like, and hopefuly Kyle will survive this, I'll be sticking with it.

You won't regret it E, and if you have any questions on the histories feel free to ask.
Its very good you actually stop laughing of Hal's enemy (i dont wanna be a spoiler :roll: ) and see that he is the real deal. And i liked the way he cleaned up the mess that they done with Hal. Oh and i loved the way they showed that the ring is not for everyone.

Hal Jordan always will be at my top 5 heroes.
All DC hating aside, I think Green Lantern is the best DC character. The Kyle Rayner one tho. He deserves to be Marvel. Marvel should swap Storm to DC for Green Lantern
While I do like Kyle, the best Green Lantern is clearly Alan Scott, folowed closely by Guy Gardner.
I love Rebirth....

There was SOOO much that was just nonsensical when it came to GL continuity and Johns is cleaning it up, and with a great storyline. He managed to make Guy Gardner into a likable character, i mean, still an asshat, but fun to read.
I thought Rebirth was pretty good. I think that when the new GL series comes out, they should also make a GL corps anthology book. Ya know, different creative teams working on stories from the past, present, and future with different GL from all over the universe. I'm sure someone like Grant Morrison would be able to think of some completely insane story for that.
Green Lantern Rebirth (spoilers)

The other night i asked thee great one to spoil me on whats been happening with the rebirth of hal jordan...

i like the character, but not enough to buy the books....most of the DC universe lacks interest from me...

so go ahead and spoil me man..

I downloaded this, along with Green Lantern: Recharge.

I've read the first four issues, and it's pretty good. Definitely explains the yellow impurity the ring has, and explains it well.
I read maybe the first 2 and a half or 3 issues and sold them on eBay.

Wasn't a great place to jump in as far as the DCU.
Yeah, it's not very continuity-lite...

Well, I'll read the next two issues now and try the Recharge series.
Okay, I finished it. It was good, a bit confusing though.

One question; who was the small guy in the prison with the big head? Some kind of Sinestro person?

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