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  1. E

    Captain Marvel is now Shazam

    Read more: The cowl is stupid.
  2. shadowraiden115

    Green Lantern by Geoff Johns (New 52)

    Everyone post everything about geoff John's latest and greatest gl issues
  3. ProjectX2

    The New 52 general discussion

    I thought we should have a general discussion thread for the new 52 titles which we can then split off into separate threads for each title depending on how much discussion there actually is. Quick thoughts: Action Comics #1 is a completely different Superman written by a completely different...
  4. Ultimate Houde

    Justice League - The New 52 (Geoff Johns) (spoilers)

    Justice League (The New 52 Version) Spoilers I found an advanced copy of this online. I found it boring. It's like I'm rewitnessing (Is that a word) origins of these characters all over again. It's so annoying that we have to go over this once again. Green Lantern not knowing Batman was...
  5. Ice

    Live-Action Blue Beetle series.

    DC Entertainment Wants A Blue Beetle Live-Action Series DC Entertainment hopes to develop a live-action series featuring Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes. That’s according to Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who’s in a position to know. This morning Johns wrote excitedly on Twitter: “BLUE BEETLE...
  6. Ultimate Houde

    The Flash discussion (Spoilers!)

    I love this artist. He did a great job on Adventure Comics, and it seems the same type of quality is coming over on this book. I love the coloring also, it really pops. I like the story of the future Rogue Gallery showing up a policemen form the 25th century, same century that Booster Gold...
  7. Ice

    Breaking News: Jim Lee Co-Publisher of DC; Geoff Johns named CCO.

    CBR reports it: DC NAMES DIDIO & LEE CO-PUBLISHER, JOHNS CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER Official Press Release Jim Lee and Dan DiDio Named Co-Publishers DC Comics Geoff Johns to Serve as Chief Creative Officer John Rood Named EVP, Sales, Marketing and Business Development Patrick...
  8. Friday

    Brightest Day discussion (Spoilers!)

    Brightest Day, a 26 issue biweekly series co-written by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi with a rotating crew of artists. My two bits? I'm nervous, but those two have been crushing the GL books long enough that I think it'll work. I'll be buying it.
  9. ProjectX2

    Earth One

    Welcome to Earth One. I'm really excited for these. JMS and Shane Davis on Superman... and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank on Batman? Awesome!
  10. Dr.Strangefate

    Superman: Secret Origin Discussion *Spoilers*

    By far my favorite book to come out this week... Having just read John Byrne's take on the Superman origin and Mark Waid's Birthright in the last couple of months, I have to say that this little book might be giving them both a run for their money. Gary Frank's art is fantastic, and I love the...
  11. ProjectX2

    Blackest Night discussion (Spoilers!)

    I've just skimmed through a bunch of forums and they're all discussing a Green Lantern: Blackest Night checklist that was apparently released which spoils a lot of things... and they all forgot that it was April Fool's Day. :D If they were true, it would've been very interesting... and very...
  12. ProjectX2

    The Flash: Rebirth discussion (Spoilers!)

    It's out! There's a lot going on so I'm not even going to attempt a summary but everyone's involved. Barry, Jay, Wally and best of all, Bart's back with the Teen Titans! Savitar escaped, the corpse of Black Flash was discovered and there's a mysterious killer who just replicated Barry's...
  13. E

    Superman: Last Son discussion [spoilers]

    I just read Superman: Last Son and thought it was pretty good. It was the first story I have ever read with General Zod. Basically, a ship crash lands in Metropolis carrying a young boy. it is soon determined that he is Kryptonian. Clark and Lois adopt him to keep him safe and name him...
  14. Joe Kalicki

    Who Will Write For Marvel First?

    Well? Well?
  15. ProjectX2

    Geoff Johns at Marvel?

    No, he's not writing for Marvel... yet. From the latest LiTG: I understand that Marvel have been playing wargames on how to persuade Geoff Johns to jump ship at the end of his contract (over a year away) and what to do with him when they get him, so expect to see DC Comics fight back...
  16. Zombipanda

    Legion of Three Worlds

    So, Geoff Johns and George Perez are doing a five-issue tie-in to Final Crisis with three different versions of the Legion teaming up to fight Superboy-Prime and the Legion of Super-Villains, and apparently Brainiac..... and LEx Luthor? It's supposed to be the 31st Century Crisis. Here's the...
  17. E

    Recommend me some Geoff Johns

    After seeing some of you rave over Geoff Johns I think I might like to see some of his work. Can anyone recommend something? I'm not aware of anything I've read by him. The less continuity-heavy the better.
  18. Void.M

    The All-New Booster Gold Thread (spoilers)

    Aynone else read it? It was an awesome issue man book of the month for me. Also glad Bats wasnt portrayed as a jerk when the rest of the team didnt give the dude a break. GO READ IT NOW
  19. ProjectX2

    Green Lantern series discussion (Spoilers!)

    I am surprised there is not a thread for this. It is one of the best comics ongoing today. I've always been interested in Green Lantern, but have never really read much with him in it. I read Rebirth last year and thought it was great. Then when OYL started, I checked out Green Lantern. I...
  20. bluebeast

    Justice Society of America discussion (Spoilers!)

    Is anyone else reading this? I think it's just as good as JLA right now and the characters are great. What I'm excited about are the little teasers they gave us at the end of issue 1 with the JLA/JSA team-up, Kal-L returning, The Leagion of Superheroes and KINGDOM COME!