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Aug 16, 2005
Sega announced Sonic Colors this morning for the Nintendo Wii and DS, the follow-up to 2009's Sonic and the Black Knight. Scheduled to release later this year, Sonic Colors is set in an intergalactic amusement park. Sonic must free the mysterious alien creatures known as Wisps, held captive by his nemesis Dr. Eggman.

Sonic can use the power of his Wisp friends to create new paths, drill through key areas, or run faster than ever before through a number of all new levels. The DS version of Sonic Colors will also use the dual screens of the console for exclusive gameplay features.

You can find out more about Sonic Colors when IGN's E3 coverage kicks off next month.

Trailer :;jsessionid=2kf6n7qws9631

Hopefully this will be fun.

Also : from another board someone has read the new Nintendo Power

Thanks to my awesomeness I have read the issue of Nintendo Power featuring the game:

The game looks pretty nice, think of it as a prettier looking version of the Wii version of Unleashed, the two zones that were featured were Sweet Mountain zone, and Tropical Reservoir zone, and the former is a mountain of pastries, the said they wanted to include the crazy level designs from the old games, which is fine by me. It also said that in the 3D sections it will focus more on running from A-B akin to the Daytime stages of Unleashed, while the 2D sections will be more for platforming.

The DS version, can easily be called Sonic Rush 3, it looks exactly like those games, even the tension gauge is there, they said it would be similar to the Wii version.

Tails appears in the story but Sonic will be the only playable, they said the story is simple, light, and goofy, which is fine by me. Knuckles, and Shadow may also make an appearance in the game.

If someone has scans, please show them, because seeing it, is better than me explaining it.

Oh and Eggmanland makes a return, Yaaayyyy
New screenshots :

Also new preview :

Sonic's had some difficulty making the transition from 2D platforming. With the concept of super-duper speed alone wearing thin, zipping along a 3D path with a feeling of being sucked towards the end goal rather than really having any control over you actions just wasn't satisfying.

Too much time spent on rails and none of the charm of the original 2D side-scrollers has meant a fall from grace for the spikey blue one. There were a couples of good ideas in the overall mess that was Sonic The Hedgehog Next Gen, and Sonic Unleashed was a solid adventure if nothing spectacular. Neither, however, have managed to capture the blue magic that made Sonic a star in the first place.

But it's no-use just re-creating the past brick for brick either. The challenge Sonic Team have been faced with recently is how to maintain the essence of Sonic The Hedgehog, while at the same time taking advantage of next gen capabilities and pushing the franchise further.

How do you combine the two? Well, you combine the two, apparently. Each zone of Sonic Colours is a mash-up of a third person 3D platformer and a luscious side-scroller, thanks to a dynamic camera, with all the pads and corkscrews you'd expect in the world of Sonic and a few new ideas thrown in as well. We got our hands on two zones of Sonic Colours, with two acts a piece and a nasty but entertainingly colourful boss at the end.

read more here :

This does sound good
new trailer

Tropical Resort Gameplay

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