Spider-Man & Captain America show up in DC.


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Jul 24, 2004
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Newsarama reports on Spider-Man and Captain America appearing at the Pentagon as Marvel had produced a comic for the Department of Defense.

"As reported Tuesday, Marvel Comics has produced a comic book for the Department of Defense's "America Supports You" program, and yesterday, Spider-Man and Captain America showed up at the Pentagon to attend a ceremony and give copies away to service men and women and their families.

The comic, The New Avengers: Guest Starring the Fantastic Four was written by Brian Bendis, with art by Dan Jurgens and Sandu Florea. The comic also features a two-page centerfold poster of the America Supports You logo surrounded by Marvel superheroes.

In talking to the Dallas News, Bendis said: ""We get such amazing mail from our armed forces readers – no one appreciates their comics more," said Brian Bendis, who writes comic-book story lines for Marvel and created the new book.

"I have received signed plaques and framed copies of Ultimate Spider-Man that have been flown over Afghanistan and sent to me just to show their appreciation," Mr. Bendis said, "and the whole time I'm thinking, I should be sending you something, not the other way around. So finally I have the opportunity."

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TheManWithoutFear said:
It's good to hear things like this. Especially during a time when Millar is making all of his readers think that, well, as BASS would put it America = EVIL. God Bless.

Nobody's got anythin against american soldiers,they're just doin their job.

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