Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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i'm hearing from all of my friends not comic book enthusiasts that they enjoyed the latest Spiderman, and comic fans loved it.

Has anyone seen this already? Any thoughts?

I'm waiting for it to come to Bluray, so I can enjoy it in my own home, I'm not a huge movie going fan.


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I just downloaded it - didn't see it in theaters. Hopefully I'll get to it sooner rather than later.


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I'm watching it right now...wasn't impressed the first few minutes, but I'm into it and can't wait to finish it!


Excellent movies, and was so great to see how they continue to make everything interesting. I didn't care for Nicholas Cage...but he was even tolerable in the small amount his voice was featured..and it fit the part.

I can see what everyone enjoyed the movie overall!

If you haven't seen it...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Seldes Katne

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Despite not getting some of the references (I didn't read Spider-man Noir, and I don't remember... Spider-Ham, was it?), I had no trouble following the movie, and really enjoyed it. I'm now inclined to pick up some of the Spider-Gwen GNs for my library's collection.

So, yes, it was a fun movie, and viewers didn't need to have any particular knowledge of Spider-Man backstories, so it was an excellent stand-alone.

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